Creative Pathways, Inc. offers experiential classes and workshops designed for personal growth and transformation. Learn specific techniques that improve your intuitive, meditative, and healing abilities, which empower you to…

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Pathways to Empowered Living: Living Life Consciously and Co-Creatively Through Empowerment Consciousness™

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I couldn’t let your enormous gift to me yesterday, go unacknowledged. The healing you facilitated (Matrix Energetics) for me was powerful!! It is my joy to earn a living working with healing, and the client I just worked with was so aware of the depth and power coming through our…

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Whatever that new method was (Access Bars), I’d say it’s very effective. You helped remove so much tension from my body. I slept 8.5 hours last night. First time in over a week. It was heaven! And I also have some great new guiding principles to focus on…

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