Applying the Law of Intention to Creative Manifestation: Meditations During Lunar Cycles

Working with the creative energies of the heavens is more than reading your horoscope! It requires that you become a conscious participant in the creation of your life by making conscious effort to understand your Soul’s Intentions and the evolutionary path of your life.

Knowing what we are here to do, what we are here to integrate as a way of bringing forth more of the Divine into our lives – only begins the process of conscious living. It is not only the knowing of purpose and the awareness of what areas of our life need to be integrated into wholeness that makes us conscious. It also requires that we take that understanding of ourselves and act with conscious volition to implement the necessary changes which will bring about the manifestation of this transformation.

We must set in motion and act upon this desire to integrate the old patterns of lack, limitation, and fear so that we build for ourselves a stable platform from which new beginnings can arise. With the death of the old ways, a rebirth, a transformation transpires. And we are then at a new stage of being in the world, bringing increased levels of consciousness into form, and more aligned with the Intentions of the Soul.

On today’s show Dr. Bechdolt has shared with us this monumental phase of planetary opposition between Saturn and Neptune. She describes the energies of this period of time, which occurs only once every 36 years, as a time of creating space for new vision through the breakdown of established structures, forms or patterns that do not serve future evolutionary growth. We are to find where the ego is undermining the evolutionary intentions of the Soul by embracing this time as an opportunity for transformation. By embracing the prospect of change, we align our intentions to work consciously with the path of the Soul.

The Law of Intention allows for us to bring our awareness to that which we wish to manifest. In fact, that is its purpose: to assist us in becoming more conscious of what we create. Whatever we give the most energy to, we create. But there is one important concept buried within this statement which overrides all other thoughts:

Thoughts which are fear-based have priority over thoughts which are love-based.

The principles of manifestation are set up to meet our basic needs of survival before they can meet our higher needs for transcendence. In other words, when you think you want a million dollars, but you fear that you don’t have enough money to pay the bills, then the Law of Intention brings to you what your deepest fears envision…not enough money.

The Law of Intention is showing you what your thoughts are really focused upon…where your true intention lies.

It is showing you what beliefs need to be transformed in order for you to progress up the hierarchical ladder of higher needs. (See the Inner Counselor Chart of Integration for a better understanding of the hierarchical nature of Needs and Divine Qualities.)

It is always best to ask yourself what your true motivation is when you desire to manifest something. And this is not as evident as it appears. You can ask yourself, “What it is that I really intend to accomplish by this manifestation?” Followed by, “and what would that get for you?” You are searching for the basic need that you are really trying to fulfill.

Are you coming from a place of love or a place of fear?

For instance, if you desire a job which pays a lot of money, you may really be seeking a way to feel better about yourself. And since what you are really searching for is a way to feel good enough or respected, consequently the fear of not being good enough will keep you in circumstances which project back to you that deepest fear or feeling of lack.

By bringing our awareness to the way that we don’t accept responsibility for the choices we have made and continue to blame others for our misfortune, we come to see that we have been limiting our ability to lead a conscious life. The way we are contributing to the creation of our lives has been from a place of fear and limitation, rather than from wholeness and balance. Understanding ourselves and how we think and feel is the most important thing we can do to bring our awareness to a place of consciously working with our true intentions.

If we continue to need to feel protected, we will lack the ability to connect with loved ones because we cannot open our hearts to receive their love. Even though our conscious thoughts are ones of wanting to feel loved, our unconscious motivations and fear-based beliefs of disempowerment and victimization override this desire. Our basic unmet need of needing to feel safe and protected will cause us to energetically block a truly love-based connection to others. Once again, the Law of Intention will manifest in such a way as to show us our deepest fears and unmet needs so that we can truly become the empowered and consciously creative spiritual being that we are!

Our mind/body has a way of meeting the basic needs of survival and safety first, before it meets the more transcendent needs of love, trust and joy. We must become conscious of how we limit our ability to create a life in a fully conscious and co-creative manner.

Our goal in learning to manifest what we desire then is to learn more about ourselves and our true motivations.

By increasing self awareness, we can more consciously express our intentions in each moment of the day – the Present moment. And if we are looking to live a life filled with health, love, and abundance, then our greatest opportunity to do this is through a conscious relationship with the Soul where our intentions of manifestation are in alignment with the Soul’s evolutionary purpose.

Working with the energies of the heavens affords us a great degree of help in implementing this practice of conscious co-creation. The natural phases of the moon bring forth a cyclical pattern of manifestation each month. The Full Moon of each lunar cycle allows us an unimpeded energetic connection with the energy of the Soul. Taking time during this phase to connect with the Soul’s Intentions in a way that facilitates a willingness to listen and attune to the directives for soul growth hones our awareness of ways to bring balance and transformation to our lives.

With each New Moon, we start a new cycle of potential growth where conscious manifestation takes the lead. As farmers have learned to plant with the new moon, so we can plant seeds of manifestation. We can use the power of our creative mind to intend the change we wish to bring forth. Using the principles of a love-based attunement, enter this period with your heart and mind aligned to create for yourself and others the highest good. Use the power of creative visualization to bring forth that which meets your Soul aligned intentions. You are truly taking the conscious path of creation and expressing your true and authentic Self!