The Soul’s Aspirations for Balanced Wholeness – A Mindfully Awake Exercise (MAE)

As creatures of habit, we’ve learned to simply cope and accept life’s limitations as our lot in life. Healing is a journey of self-discovery, where we become aware of the ways we limit our own potentiality and then transform the old into a new way of being. We are innately connected to an inner Divine Source that guides and directs us, but it is the decision to not honor this inner message that has blocked access to living a truly authentic and spiritually inspired life. Taking time to honor the voice within yields a discernible path of self discovery and a heightened connection to one’s Divine Source; this leads us toward our fullest potential. Such ventures into the path of inner healing brings with it great levels of empowerment helping to create the life you desire.

“The Soul’s Aspirations for Balanced Wholeness,” brings into wholeness the areas of your life that are most in need of balance. A set of questions follows which helps you find those areas and consciously work to integrate them in the healing process.

A Mindfully Awake Exercise (MAE):

The purpose of these exercises are to help you become more aware of your thoughts and intentions while developing a clear mind that is both open to new possibilities and receptive to creative insights. Developing a quiet inner mind is the goal of any spiritual journey, but first we must come to understand, appreciate and accept those parts of ourselves that keep us from reaching that quiet inner still point. I suggest that you wear a reminder bracelet around your wrist or use sticky notes around your home or office to help draw your attention to remembering to ask yourself this question many times throughout the day. This is a mindfulness exercise geared to help you develop a conscious, present moment focus. This Mindfully Awake Exercise allows you to clear the junky repetition of thoughts and worries that you habitually maintain. It will also give you deep insights into the areas of your life that are keeping you limited or stuck in old, reactionary thought processes and past patterning…prime areas for further soul work and journaling.

1. What am I thinking about?
Affirmation: “MAE I be present.”

Make a log of these comments and become “aware” of your self talk. Making a conscious effort to stay mindful of the words you say to yourself, choose only supportive and loving intentions for yourself and those around you. Should less supportive or critical thoughts arise, surround them in pink light and send them with love to the eternal Void of creation –the Cosmic Recycling Center. The intention here is to honor the inner critical voice, the worrisome voice, the angry voice, the wounded voice without reacting to its habitual emotional cycle. Surrounding these thoughts in the pink energy of love as an understanding mother would offer a supportive hug to her child.

At an appropriate time, make plans to listen to these voices by answering question 2.

2. What do these voices within me need?
Affirmation: “MAE I be whole.”

Take time to listen to the inner voices and allow them to reveal their helpful intentions by asking what they need.

  • Begin by delving into your log of comments by separating them into categories such as, positive/negative, supportive/critical, helpful/sabotaging, loving/ hate-filled, worried/peace-filled, etc.
  • Using your creative imagination look deeper into each category to get a mental picture, an image, a sound or feeling about what that part of you is like. Allow an image or picture to form in your mind’s eye. Is she a frightened child, a finger waiving parent figure, a loving friend, an angry fist, a defensive warrior, a boiling pot, etc?
  • Get to know these parts of yourself: do they have names, ages, genders; what is their job or purpose in your life; why are they part of your life; how are they here to help you or keep you safe?
  • Ask the part of yourself, “What do you need?” And follow that answer with, “And what would that get for you?” Keep asking and answering these two questions until you arrive at an answer that feels truth-filled, honest, supportive and loving. Any positive attribute is a possibility, for instance, love, peace, joy, strength, acceptance, approval, etc.
  • Journal about your thoughts and feelings during this process, making notes and/or drawings about each part of yourself and what s/he/it needs. Connect with your higher wisdom about how you might be able to bring more of this quality into your life and make a promise to do this.
  • Embrace that part of yourself and surround that image in pink light filled with the intentions of what s/he/it needs, for instance, love, peace, joy, strength, acceptance, approval…any positive attribute that will fill up your inner being. Bring that part of yourself into your heart with a loving embrace and acceptance, nurturing and honoring the gifts that it carries.

A Prayer to consciously connect with the healing Presence of the Soul:

Mother-Father-God, Creator of All That Is,
MAE I be fully awake and present to your guiding thoughts.
MAE I be fully aware and conscious in my life.
MAE I be open and receptive to your Love.
MAE I be free to express Thy Will.
MAE I be whole and complete in Thy Service.
MAE I be One with All That Is.