The Higher Self and a Sanctuary of Peace

Today Dr. Nunley has talked with us of the importance of connecting with the Higher Self in order to engage the inherent wisdom and healing potential that is our inherent birthright. We are spiritual beings on this beautiful earth who have forgotten our spiritual heritage. It’s time to awaken the power of spiritual prowess and reclaim your birthright. As we come to know the higher dimensions of being, we begin to fathom our connection to this realm as one which is divinely written and perfectly inspired to unfold our greatest potential.

The Higher Self is a divine imprint of our perfection into which we are unfolding. Through our physical experiences and choices we come to more fully integrate the Ideal Qualities and Values of the Divine. These qualities are offered by the Higher Self as a means of instilling the blueprint of perfection into being. It is the conscious decision – or the free-will aspect which brings forth the unfolding of this greatest potentiality.

The process of the Inner Counselor suggests that we are on an intentional journey of transformation and transcendence. For a detailed description of the Ideal Qualities and Values which are being presented through this technique and the intentional manner from which we can call forth these qualities, take a look at The Inner Counselor Integration Chart.It is a roadmap for the unfolding of consciousness in the polarity of the physical world….It answers “why” we are on the spiritual journey and what we can expect as the journey continues to unfold into being. Pointing toward the unfoldment of Self-Actualization, Self-Realization and Enlightenment, this chart specifies the integration of conflicting opposites in the development of physical, personal, interpersonal, group, integral and transpersonal qualities.

When we strive to achieve an inner balance through energy work and spiritual healing, we form a kind of union with our Higher Self from which lasting healing can be imparted. In this union we are connected to the higher vibrations of unconditional love. It is this enhanced state that creates for us the deep healing and profound insights so that we begin to live in a conscious manner taking full responsibility for our thoughts and actions.

The Inner Counselor Process is one which invites the presence of the Higher Self to join us in conscious awareness to facilitate a change of perception and an integration of fragmented aspects of ourselves to bring about lasting healing. It is a symbolic process of awareness which allows the mind/body to grasp the wholeness of the concern…seeing the big picture. In this way we see our part in the creation of our health and well-being; we come to know how truly powerful we are as spiritual beings in physical form, for we see how we have created the reality that we live today. In a holistic way, this symbolic process captures the entirety of the issue and the Higher Self transforms the old into a new way of being, a new way of perceiving, a new way of living….a more empowered stance is created.

By taking the time to create for ourselves a wonderful Sanctuary of Peace and connect with the energy of the Higher Self, we gain access to this higher part of ourselves in a most conscious manner. We can call upon the Higher Self, this idealized organizing pattern of our greatest potential, to join us through conscious interaction within our daily lives.Dr. Nunley has guided us to create our own sacred place where the energetic imprint of the Higher Self will join with us bringing insights, awareness, healing, and unified consciousness.

I invite you to use this sacred space in your daily meditations and create a sanctuary for the Soul’s Intentions to unfold into your life. As we continue to work with this energy, allowing it a more conscious and full expression within the mind/body, we establish a state of health and well-being which is called our True Self. So, be one with the Higher Self and take the consciously creative path to express your True Self!