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Awaken Your Authentic True Self

Leave behind the stress, anxiety, self-doubt, poverty and lack of fulfillment created by living in survival mode. Move beyond the deficiencies of just getting by, barely making it, having no opportunities, ill health, hard work, dysfunctional relationships, debilitating fatigue, depression and the struggles of “just trying” to keep it together. Release yourself from the dissatisfying stranglehold created by the restrictive mindsets of fear, limitation, scarcity and separation that have been created from manifesting through Survival Consciousness.

Through quantum shifts that increase your resonance with Empowerment Consciousness, Empowerment Blueprints and upgraded DNA, the obstacles, limitations and fear-based survival programs of your subconscious are instantaneously transformed. Using quantum consciousness technologies, Deborah guides you through Evolutionary Transformational Processes and
Intuitive Spiritual Direction to Awaken Your Authentic True Self consciously co-creating your body, health, relationships, finances, career, communities and world through the evolutionary dynamic of Empowerment Consciousness.

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Awaken Your Authentic True Self
Using quantum consciousness technologies, Deborah guides you through Evolutionary Transformational Processes and Intuitive Spiritual Direction that Awaken Your Authentic True Self.
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Integrate Your Whole Being
Spiritually integrating your Whole Being -- body, mind, emotions and spirit, past trauma is healed, mental constructs are optimized, stress is healed, karma is resolved, latent gifts, strengths, talents and abilities actualize, spiritual lessons are completed and dormant DNA is activated.
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Inspire Your Greater Spiritual Potential
Increasing your intuitive abilities, you will connect with Divine Guidance and align with Divine Timing. As you energize and empower your Individual Plan of Perfection, synchronicities avail to connect your with your heart’s desires.
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Embolden Conscious Co-Creation
The body and mind (bodymind) are created by ingrained, habituated patterns generated by your thoughts, emotions and previous experiences. Drawing upon the energy and information of your mental, emotional, familial, cultural, mass consciousness and spiritual programming, your subconscious bodymind’s sole job is to carryout your Creative Directives based upon these habits and preconceived expectations.
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Energize the Law of Attraction
Without conscious intervention, you will continue to magnetize creation from the habituated stories of fear, scarcity and limitation. Rather than continuing to “unconsciously” manifest the same old limited survival stories time after time, as a Conscious Co-Creator you can intentionally release yourself from the energetic attraction created by the restrictive, self-sabotaging hold of a fear-based survival mindset.
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Observe NEW Integrative Possibilities
Perceptions limited by survival programming always constrain the possibilities of what you can create. Engaging New Integrative Possibilities is the product of Conscious Co-Creation. These are the highest and best possible creative expressions of your body, health, relationships, career, finances, society and world.
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Activate DNA Potential
You have authority over how, when and to what degree your DNA is expressed. Activating and deactivating your subconscious programs directs the expression of your DNA through the biological process of epigenetics. This process turns on and off, up or down the expression of your DNA by overlaying your learned and chosen preferences upon the coding of the DNA.
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Engage Evolutionary Empowerment Blueprints
The Evolutionary Transformational Processes of Empowerment Consciousness facilitate shifts in consciousness that transform fear and limitation into empowered realties. Awakened from the restricted perceptions and fears of the subconscious, your awareness is attuned to higher frequencies of creation called Evolutionary Empowerment Blueprints.
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Elevate Core Consciousness
The process of Spiritual Integration transforms the energy, information and consciousness of your whole Being so that your ability to perceive and consciously co-create a greater, more empowering reality is enhanced.
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Ascend in Spiritual Evolution
Manifesting through Empowerment Consciousness ascends your energy signature to higher frequencies of consciousness. Using the Evolutionary Transformational Processes and Empowerment Blueprints to continually resolve and transform your limited thoughts, fear-based emotions, traumas, dysfunctional inherited familial patterns and mass survival consciousness frequencies will expedite your Spiritual Evolution.
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Embody Your Greater Spiritual Presence
As you evolve to this next higher stage of Empowerment Consciousness, the awareness of your True Divine Nature is exponentially elevated. Every cell of your body, every activity you engage, every situation of your life is dynamically impacted by this expansiveness of Being.
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 Experience better health and less stress;

 Engage in supportive, loving and mutually respectful relationships;
 Develop enriched business partnerships and harmonious communities;
 Embrace life with feelings of gratitude, peace, joy, grace and ease; and
 Consciously manifest your heart’s desires while inspired to manifest a divinely guided, purpose-filled life …


We offer holistic mind/body practices, intuitive readings and spiritual healings as well as teaching classes in self-discovery, spiritual healing and empowerment. Deborah is a Certified ThetaHealer® and Instructor, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Healing Touch Practitioner, Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, and Usui Reiki Master. Her credentials include over 13 years of practice with a Doctorate of Theology in Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine with an emphasis in Spiritual Direction.

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BodyTalk™ is a comprehensive therapy that stimulates the mind/body’s ability to balance and heal itself on all levels. When in optimum flow, each system, cell and atom is in constant communication with each other at all times.

Matrix Energetics® is a consciousness technology that transforms beliefs concerning healing, disease and the structure of reality, frees the client from non-miraculous, non-helpful and static belief systems that have limited our past awareness.

A holistic spiritual healing consciousness process designed to transform limiting beliefs, long-held coping patterns, fears and past traumas, this creative visualization and meditative process engages Universal Energy and the theta-gamma brainwave state of the practitioner.

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