Empowerment Consciousness™

Deborah speaks about Holistic Wellness and Consciousness-based Healthcare, then leads you through an Evolutionary Transformational Process using the Conscious Choice Formula: 6 Powerful Steps to Invite Empowerment

Living Life Consciously and Co-Creatively through Empowerment Consciousness™

We are awakening to the NEW possibilities of living life through the dynamics of empowerment rather than through the limitations of fear. Imagine a conscious style of living where you no longer merely survive ─ but rather, you creatively thrive.

Empowerment Consciousness™ is both a series of Evolutionary Transformational Processes and a level of Higher Consciousness that supports you as you embrace your highest potential. Evolving into expanded consciousness through awakened awareness, conscious choice, and collaborative creation, these transformational processes work Co-creatively with Divinely inspired Empowerment Blueprints to facilitate shifts in consciousness that transform fear and limitation into empowered realties.

Awakened from the limited perceptions and fears of the subconscious bodymind, the Survival-based programming of the past is transformed. Empowered to embrace our best selves, we experience life through the expressions of unity, harmony and peace.

Consciously evolving to a transformed way of being where you:

  1. Experience better health, less stress, more balance and discernment;
  2. Engage supportive, loving and mutually respectful relationships;
  3. Develop enriched business partnerships, harmonious communities, global interconnectivity and unity;
  4. Embrace life with Grace through enriched powerful heart-based feelings of gratitude, peace, joy and ease; and
  5. Consciously manifest your heart’s desires while inspired to live a divinely guided, purpose-filled life …

changeyourlifeHumanity is on the threshold of the Era of Conscious Awakening, a time of realizing the Authentic True Self. Empowering a NEW way of living through manifesting with Conscious Co-Creation, your Whole Being ­ body, mind, emotions and spirit ­ are transformed through alignment with Higher Consciousness. This Divine Alignment connects you to a higher functioning, spiritually integrated Consciously Co-Creative level of awareness that I have termed Empowerment Consciousness™.

Through this consciously awakened connection, we become our most Authentic True Self…

  1. Co-creatively expressing a divinely inspired, empowered life;
  2. Accessing our uniquely individual gifts, strengths, talents and abilities; and,
  3. Supporting us to lead healthy, balanced, purpose filled, abundant, enriched Co-Creative lives.

Take the consciously co-creative path and express your Authentic True Self!


Here is what people are saying about these powerful Empowerment Consciousness™ Processes:

“These empowerment processes are really packed with tons of practical information and provide a format for deep exploration and a new co-creative way to heal long ignored traumas. Using these processes, I am becoming more conscious and aware of the energy and healing for my personal transformation.”
– Ellen, 2014

“Thanks Deborah. I appreciate your awesome teaching abilities! These are wonderful transformative empowerment practices that have made a true difference in my Co-Creation skills. Life is now a conscious pleasure of living in the Present Moment!”
– Laura, 2014

“… I felt change occur on a cellular level … I could feel my cells shimmering with energy … I was also quite aware – especially of the waves of energy permeating my body.  There was also a wonderful time when I felt myself being held by a loving energy, which I just surrendered to completely.  I am feeling more of myself now; am much more in my body and grounded in my own essence.  This shift will definitely help me in my life and in my spiritual growth.”
– Karen, 2014

“Using the Empowerment Question, Clearing Statement and tapping over and over to awaken Empowerment Consciousness, I am feeling so much better. I was working primarily on money and job issues, seeing new opportunities, allowing life to unfold with gratitude, grace, joy and ease … I am feeling like a mighty oak tree with roots going all the way to the center of the earth. I feel stable, secure and strong.  Yesterday I had waves and waves of energy leave my body and the room I was in got cold. In my Co-Creative visualization process, my personal Empowerment image, the yellow lion, has now turned into a winged lion of red and gold! I could feel his power and confidence, like nothing could harm me. It was really great. I felt so light and airy, my brain was sharp and clear. Everything I looked at was vibrant. I know that I have cleared some big core beliefs! I feel so empowered and ready to move forward!
– Kim, 2014

“I am finally at the place of understanding “Evolutionary Transformation” and what Co-Creative living can be …  The challenge is recognizing inbred patterns that have created my subconscious beliefs and releasing them.  Accepting help from the Universe requires a complete trust to acknowledge that the concept of control was never mine to begin with and being out of control is being out of alignment with my life’s mission and spirit’s plan … Today I experienced more fully the release of handing over control and with it the fluidity of accessible information to assist me to clarify and ultimately achieve my goals.  This experience was at once physical, mental and spiritual leaving me more relaxed and in tune with my inner knowing.  The program you have created to coach seekers in “Awakening Empowerment Consciousness” is so far beyond creative visualization and just consciously being aware of ones thoughts.  For me I feel energized on all levels in a way I have not known before and cannot wait to go and do where I am meant to in this life.”
– Mickie, 2014

6 Powerful Steps to Awakened Empowerment is your conscious invitation to work Co-Creatively with Higher Consciousness. Your willingness to change invites healing and transformation of long-held limitations, fears and traumas, so that past disempowering beliefs and feelings are transmuted to those that are NOW supportive, loving and harmonious. Your free will is the catalyst for change that embarks you on the transformational journey of awakening Empowerment Consciousness™…


Receive a FREE 15 minute Intuitive Healing Coaching session when you Download the eBook, and learn how to:

  • Invite Empowerment Consciousness™ to create your best life
  • Invite Integrated Opportunities through the Empowerment Blueprint of Integrated Change
  • Co-Create from Present Moment Awarenesss
  • Employ the Conscious Choice Formula for Manifestation, and
  • Choose from Integrated Possibilities

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Allow Deborah to assist you in your transformation to Empowerment Consciousness™.


Schedule your personal Empowerment Consciousness™ Intuitive Healing Coaching Sessions with Deborah NOW:

Empowerment Consciousness™ Intuitive Healing Coaching Series

3 Powerful, Evolutionary Transformative Intuitive Healing Coaching sessions that will expedite your transformation from Survival to Empowerment:

  • 60 minutes each
  • Phone, Skype, FaceTime or In-person

With Deborah’s Intuitive Guidance, we will identify and transform your hidden energy blocks that limit your ability to reach and live through Empowerment Consciousness™:

  • Transform Limiting, non-helpful beliefs into empowering, supportive and loving ones
  • Release past pain, suffering, resentments, guilt, shame, disappointments, and regrets… resolving the drama and trauma of past survival programming
  • Disengage those old, outdated fear-based habits of Survival Consciousness
  • Resolve past oaths, vows, pledges and habits of sacrifice that limit your acceptance of your authentic Co-Creative Authority

Consciously connect with the Divinely inspired, powerful, integrative dynamics of Empowerment Blueprints to expedite your transformational journey:

  • Embrace NEW Empowering Opportunities for Integrative Change … to resolve the past and embrace your best Self
  • Learn to work consciously with your Co-Creative Authority to Manifest in alignment with the highest good through the Integrated Possibilities
  • Connect to the Divine Human Blueprint and receive the powerful and transformative healing downloads for Divine Human Living

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