Deborah’s Training

Deborah Lallier is a holistic life coach and minister, intuitive spiritual director and consciousness based mind/body practitioner and instructor who assists her clients in restoring harmony, well-being and balance to the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Combining intuitive assessment with non-invasive mind/body practices contributes to a new, energetic dynamic for improved daily functioning, personal/spiritual growth and empowered conscious living.

Deborah offers holistic mind/body practices, intuitive readings and spiritual healings as well as classes in self-discovery, intuition, spiritual healing and empowerment.  Using a variety of consciousness based healthcare practices, she guides her clients through their personal Awakening, which empowers them to live and consciously co-create through a new stage of higher consciousness called Empowerment Consciousness™.

Deborah is a Certificate of Science ThetaHealer® and Instructor, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Healing Touch Practitioner, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist/Past Life Regressionist and Usui Reiki Master. Through her own Awakening, she has been guided to develop the spiritually integrating healing process of Empowerment Consciousness, which exponentially elevates one’s spiritual core consciousness to heightened levels and dimensions of Being. Her credentials include over 22 years of holistic healing practice with a Doctorate of Theology in Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine with an emphasis in Spiritual Direction through Holos University Graduate Seminary.

Holos University (HU) is an institution that retains a holistic and inclusive foundation and believes that the underlying principles of the world’s great religions share certain universal ideals that are crucial for the well-being of the world, and that all healing has a significant spiritual component, integrating body, mind, and spirit. Holos describes holism as the ability “to see the inner connections of spiritual and physical functions and to understand the underlying Unity of physiological, vital, psychological and spiritual phenomena.”

Deborah’s studies at HU lend dynamic understanding to the broad array of healing techniques that she employs in practice. Offering individually crafted personal healing experiences that combine intuitive assessment with energetic modalities, Deborah’s sessions synergistically address the mind-body-spirit connection particularly in conjunction with emotional and/or mental blockages of the subtle energy anatomy. The result is a new, energetic dynamic for improved daily functioning through holistic growth.

Deborah was the Founding Chair of the Alumni Association for Holos University. Deborah holds a North Carolina Art of Healing License and is a North Carolina Wedding Officiate offering customized wedding services, unions, commitment ceremonies and blessings.

Sessions are intuitively guided and may include a combination of Energetic Modalities  that are specifically tailored to meet the goals of the client’s balance. These modalities include: Empowerment Consciousness™, BodyTalk™, Theta Healing® Technique, Matrix Energetics®, Healing TouchEnergy MedicineReiki, Mind/Body Kinesiology (Balancing via the Mind/Body Wisdom with Muscle Testing), Sacred Contracts, and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/Past Life Regression. It is not necessary to pre-determine a specific course of treatment; however, specific techniques may be requested, and of course, offered according to the client’s preferences.

My Approach to Treatment

Understanding the mind-body-spirit connection to health, healing and wholeness is the focus of my work and the healing processes that I help facilitate.  Healing, balance, and wholeness occur through the energetic release of past tensions that have been stored in the subtle energy anatomy. This subtle, yet profound inner release facilitates the body’s own innate sense of healing bringing increased levels of peace, harmony, and an overall sense of well-being.

Energy healing techniques and consciousness technologies combined with Intuitive Spiritual Direction bring heightened levels of awareness, personal empowerment and holistic healing.  By letting go of old emotional patterns, traumas and limiting beliefs, a new, empowered energetic dynamic is brought forth creating pathways for conscious wholeness.

Healing is a simply a release of past tensions, and this can be facilitated in an easy and proficient manner with the assistance of the Consciousness Facilitator / Energy Healing Practitioner / Intuitive Spiritual Director.  With this supportive guidance, the client is able to easily embrace a new way of living, and empowered stance of Being in the world.

The insightful guidance, which is received during the healing sessions, furthers the client’s understanding of him/herself in a gentle, yet profoundly healing manner.  Knowing yourself — your patterns, your tendencies, your past programming, your inherited patterns and mis-creations of the past widens your ability to make conscious and supportive decisions in your life NOW.  With the energy balance, the insight is gained, the lessons learned and completed, and new paths are opened to the unlimited potentialities of your life! Your goals are now able to be realized with grace and ease … life is at your doorstep!