Manifestation Only Occurs in the NOW

Why you don’t manifest what you believe you truly desire

The rest of your life begins today, in this very moment of NOW.  Whatever your creative focus is today directs the creation of your future.  Your Present Moment Choice Ability directs your manifestations.  Is your focus coming from fear, worry, doubt, sadness, depression, rejection, resentment, illness or hatred (any negative mindset)? If so, then how you perceive your world will be influenced by this particular energetic focus. 

Positive thought doesn’t always override your deeper intentions.   Your cells are coded with your thoughts, emotions, cellular shock and trauma as a way of surviving. This information codes our cells, which creates filters through which we perceive the information coming in from the Universe. Our brain literally filters out any possibility that doesn’t meet our expectations and encoded preferences.  Even if some part of you wants the manifestation, the bulk of your subconscious cannot find a way to manifest it perfectly for you, because the limitations and fears that preside deep within you are taking precedent and stopping the full realization of the manifestation. 

Perhaps your negative mindset keeps you distracted from meeting the person who can help you, hire you or might invest in that new start up.  Maybe your frustration misaligns your sanctioned MeetUp with your Divine Life Partner. Perhaps you’re tired, depressed and don’t feel motivated, so you leave for work a little late. Because of the delay, you don’t have time to stop for your usual morning coffee and you miss the synchronicity of your Divine Timing stalling the lovely interactions and opportunities being offered to you. 

Those soulful connections are left unrealized, unselected and unfilled simply because your mind’s filtration system opted to hone into creating more tired, frustrated, late and unmotivated.  You always get what you ask for! You are always creating, whether you are aware of it or not.  Your perceptions are controlled by your thoughts and emotions.  Your perceptions have a job to override anything that doesn’t meet the criteria of the subconscious bodymind; it is not necessarily their job to notice the desires of your conscious mind. 

Perceptions are geared to observe and notice only the information that affirms your feelings and thoughts in the NOW.  Perceptions are defined by the subconscious bodymind whose sole job is to get you where you want to be and create what you want to experience.  The subconscious bodymind controls the entire functioning of the body.  It is the mind that controls heart rate, breathing, sleep, recovery, digestion and reflexive actions and thinking. It is the primal brain and it’s prime directive, fortunately, is to keep you alive and safe.  Unfortunately, it is has been filled with “old, outdated, dysfunctional survival” information, some of which no longer applies to your life. 

The subconscious bodymind faithfully fulfils your request to pay attention to potential problems, so that you stay prepared, unharmed and protected.  And, this is really good if a bus is speeding through an intersection while you are crossing! It will take charge, focus your eyes on the impending problem, increase your heart rate, fill your lungs with air, and energize those leg muscles to move really, really fast out of the way of impending harm! But it is also the part of the bodymind that informs you through a nervous stomach, a dizzy head, a weak legs and an impending sense of doom, when you fear asking for a raise.  It was programmed by you, and possibly even your ancestors, too, that it is really uncomfortable and embarrassing to ask for what you want. 

The programming was written because when you were three, and reached for the pre-dinner cookie, you got your hand slapped along with a disapproving glare from mom and the impounding word “NO!” Wanting solely to please mom, because your life then truly depended on it, this experience shamed and embarrassed you.  Subconsciously, it was a survival mechanism for that moment; unfortunately, that program still impacts your decisions, feelings and creative possibilities limiting how thriving and empowered you can become today. 

Now you are left feeling unsure, unworthy and fearful of asking for what you want!  And today, in this time in your life, it still feels terrible to even consider showing the world how valuable, worthy and deserving you are.  The boss never notices you, asking for the raise is off limits to you, and the Integrative Possibilities of thriving are unable to be observed, chosen and created. 

This ill-fated programming may initially save you from re-experiencing the dreaded, habituated feelings of shame and embarrassment, but it will also create situations where you don’t thrive.  You continually feel stuck, unappreciated, unrecognized, resentful and rejected.  It is your spiritual goal to thrive, not to settle for mere survival.  To do so, we must get ahold of those outdated survival programs and transform them so that we can observe and choose from the Integrative Possibilities of Creation.  No longer merely surviving, we become Empowerment Manifestors taking conscious control of how we direct creation through the conscious application of our Underlying Core Intentions.

Without redirection, the subconscious bodymind does not realize that your new focus is to create through thriving.  It doesn’t relay recognize the Vision Board as a goal, therefore, it doesn’t change its programming.  Consequently, you are still unable to notice the Integrated Possibilities that the Infinite Universe is continually sending out.  You simply continue to remain oblivious to positive influxes and failed to observe the divine messages and cosmic emails sent your way! And your conscious mind simply reinforces to the subconscious mind thoughts and feelings like that “the Universe is against me,” “this stuff doesn’t work at all” and “nothing good or fortunate ever happens to me.”    

Think of your thoughts and emotions as the current through which your manifestations flow in order to come into being.  You can have lists upon lists of goals, achievements, accomplishments and possessions illustrated on your Vision Board; however, if the focus of your creation is directed through a negative, fearful or undermining unconscious mindset, then your creation can only manifest from that perspective. Said differently, it can only manifest as a bit of a failure to launch into the fully desired reality of your heartfelt manifestation.

If you want to create a new car in order to prove your worthiness, deservingness, personal value or status, or even to prove to your mother, boss or partner that you are can ask and get what you want, then your manifestation comes through all of those filters.  You most likely will either never manifest the new car because you don’t feel worthy enough (it’s too expensive, your credit is bad, you don’t have the down payment, you never get what you ask for, you feel anxious over the expense, etc.), or you can only manifest a used car of questionable reliability, or fight with the repo man as he reclaims the car, who has come into your world to mirror to you your unconscious “survival” need to prove your status, justify your unworthiness and always feel embarrassed when you ask for what you want. 

All of these scenarios illustrate the predictable power of the subconscious mind as it informs the Universe of how you wish to experience your manifestations.  You manifest as you intend … not necessary as you wish! Wishful thinking and feeling is never enough to change the direction of your creations.

The Infinitely Intelligent Universe can only work with the

You are here on this Earth to learn to responsibly and consciously manifest your deepest desires.  To do this, you must release the limitations and fears you are holding within your subconscious bodymind.  These limiting thoughts and negative feelings are the programs that produce the “why” of your manifestations, and if left unconscious, in their “survival mode of creation,” they will skew the what, when, who and how of your creations.   

You must be inquisitively open and honest with yourself.  Lying to yourself by only acknowledging the positive thoughts of the conscious mind is a form of Inner Deception; it is a creative delusion that keeps you functioning and creating from Survival Consciousness.  This is a kind of see no evil, hear no evil approach to creation.  This is unconscious creation and will tend to result in thoughts like “why don’t my dreams come true,” “what is wrong with me, I can’t seem to do anything right,” “nobody really understands me or sees how hard I try,” “I feel like a looser,” “There are no good ones left,” … and the negative thoughts ramble on creating hardliner impossibilities, which restrict the observation of the Integrative Possibilities the Infinite Universe continually offers you. 

The Underlying Core Intentions of your true mindset are creating the focus of your manifestation.  Many of the truly destructive ones seem locked down into your subconscious, so much so, that you simply never question their validity. Being true to your preferred survival programming, they stay hidden, out of your conscious awareness.  Perhaps, you (or your ancestral family, past lives or even mass consciousness attitudes) deeply believe that no one like me gets a break, I’m unlovable, or life is unfair, too hard, or impossible to master.  These unconscious belief structures can sabotage your Underlying Core Intentions, because you never think to question their truth.

Maybe you believe or need to believe that there are victims in the world because that is how you make sense of misfortune, abuse, disease, poverty, wars, or discrimination.  But these outdated, low functioning, excuse making ways of thinking and feeling are affecting your manifestation abilities; they are limiting what the Infinite Universe can bring into your life.  It is not you being unlucky, punished, incompetent, unworthy or undeserving … it is you (and I say this with kindness and understanding …on some level) believing that it is so! And to complicate your thought processes, you can have a dual belief that says something like “I am worthy” and “I am not worthy unless I prove myself.”  The lesser program will usually wins out.

All belief programs are stored in the deep recesses of the subconscious bodymind, and the conscious mind may have disregarded the content and lost awareness of how it is serving or not serving your manifestations.  In order to determine whether your subconscious bodymind is creating with a positive, healthy flow of expanding, enriched and fulfilling consciousness, or whether your creations are being guided by a limited, fear-based mere survival mentality requires that you reveal to your conscious mind, which is the decision making mind, what your subconscious bodymind truly believes. 

To get conscious of your Underlying Core Intentions, imagine having your manifestation in your life now, and then ask yourself some revealing questions:

  1. What will this manifestation get for me?

Happiness, success, security, prestige, confidence, knowing that I can do this, feeling that I have proved myself and that I am as good or better than others, …

2. And when I have that, what happens then?

I’ll have a great career, I’ll have a wonderful partner, my family will be safe, happy or stay together, I will finally have what I want, … (note: don’t stop here…that is not the real reason you want to create this manifestation!)

3. And when that is all accomplished, what do I feel?

I will feel worthy, deserving, safe, respected, valued, healed, like I accomplished my mission and joyful (These are Divine Values and Virtues that you are attempting to engage and create from. These are magnificent Underlying Core Intentions and should be the focus of your creations but without the negative mindset thoughts and emotions, like I don’t already have this, or I need to do something before I can embody and consciously co-create from these values and virtues, or I am not worthy of feeling this way.)

4. Make a truly self-realized Conscious Choice Formula by requesting of the Infinitely Intelligent Universe to “now destroy and uncreate anything that stands in the way of me totally and completely feeling _____ (fill in with the feeling{s} you wish to have in step #3) right now.”

5. You can also add to your Conscious Choice Formula the request that all of your unfilled, unmet, disrespected, unworthy, undeserving, doubtful, undervalued feelings, beliefs, cellular shock and traumas that have previously stood in the way of this manifestation also be “destroyed and uncreated NOW.”

6. NOW, feel this feeling(s) that you are hoping to illicit through your manifestation(s); feel the feeling throughout your entire bodymind while envisioning your desired magnificent creation in your life NOW! Hold nothing back … dance, sing, celebrate, YaHoo!, high five yourself because you are now aligned with that core feeling of accomplishment, strength, tenacity, perseverance, worthiness, deservingness, abundance, appreciation and heartfelt gratitude for the manifestation of this creation NOW.

With the positive feelings and heartfelt gratitude, you are allowing every cell in your body to know what true success, worthiness, deservingness and accomplishment feels like, looks like, sounds like, smells and tastes like, on all levels, lifetimes, languages, aspects and directives of all my creations.  This exhilarated emotion is informing every cell within your entire bodymind of your Creative Directive and encoding the cells to already feel what you are hoping to manifest. Your cells code your subconscious bodymind as to what is true NOW, not what will be true when I get x, y or z, or was true in the past. 

When wise sages tell us that there is only the Ever Present Eternal Moment of NOW, that is what is literally true! Nothing in the past or the future has any influence over us or our creations, that is, unless we leave the belief, feeling, shock or trauma stewing unconsciously in the subconscious bodymind.  Then, the past conditioning is the NOW, and that is all that you can create. Transform the past! It’s time to Awaken to the New Integrative Possibilities of Empowerment Consciousness.