7 Empowerment Manifestation Guidelines

It’s a new year … a new beginning, a time signaling the birth of NEW possibilities. Perhaps you have compiled a list of “new possibilities” to work toward this year. We all have a list of resolutions that we are hoping to manifest. And most of us are convinced that if we just work hard and push through, persevering with diligence, suffering and sacrifice, that we will then meet our goals of manifestation.

I might add that most of us probably don’t particularly like the part of the manifestation equation that seems to require hard work, perseverance, suffering and sacrifice. It’s safe to say that most of us would most likely prefer our goals to manifest with gratitude, grace, joy and ease, totally eliminating the burdensome “should’s and have to’s” of the past.

  • So why doesn’t manifestation just occur naturally and easily without this kind of undue sacrifice and suffering?
  • Is there something that could be done that would allow us to Co-create with authority?
  • Is there a way to initiate our Co-creative abilities in an easy, fluid and seemingly effortless manor … with gratitude, grace, joy and ease?

The process of being in a physical body living your life through relationships and creative endeavors is called manifestation, or the materialization of spirit through form. Bringing spirit into form through our free will choices is what we are actually doing as we live, breathe and experience our life, body and relationships.

Think of manifestation as the process of making choices in your life and understand that everything you are creating was first energized by an original choice, the underlying belief.  Fueled by a Core Belief Program, the original choice streams magnetizing energy into your creations.

The quality of the energy (intention) you originally choose to create with fuels the manifestation. Intentions are defined as “aim or objective; quality of purposefulness.” From the Law of Attraction we know that what we put out there is what is returned to us. If we create from anger, we receive anger back. If lack and competitiveness is what we choose to energize, then that is what we will receive. If we create from un-deservingness, we receive un-deservingness in return. If we choose to create through resentment, we are inundated with the energetic dynamics of more and more resentment.

We always have a choice in the quality of energy (intention) with which we are propelling our manifestations.

What might the true intentions be for the following kinds of manifestation choices? Can you envision how the first part of the example would create different results from the second part of the example? Which kind of intention would you prefer to be a recipient of? Which kind of intention would Co-Create a world of peace, joy and prosperity?

  • We can choose to become insulted/angry/vengeful or we can choose to turn the other cheek and forgive;
  • We can choose to do harm or we can choose to display compassion;
  • We can choose to help someone out of duty and obligation with regimented sacrifice or we can choose to consciously perform the same charitable service act with loving kindness;
  • We can take action while continuing to harbor resentment or we can freely and generously participate without this impingement;
  • We can choose to hold onto shame, grief, resentment, anger and sadness or we can chose to let go of the pain, suffering and judgment;
  • We can create a partnership/relationship/business venture/investment out of fear (fear of being alone, fear of abandonment, fear of failing, fear of rejection, fear of loss/greed, etc.) or we can Co- create a partnership through mutual respect, love and generosity.

This realization is the crown jewel of Empowerment Manifestation …

Becoming conscious of our intentions (our underlying true aim, objective or motivation) is the way that we take ownership of the manifestation process. It is how we become Conscious Co-Creators symbiotically collaborating with the Infinite Universe to create with full Co-Creative Authority through Empowerment Consciousness™.

Every manifestation is preceded by an original thought,
which is fueled by the energy of an intention.

Our intentions are the catalyst of our creative endeavors
and magnetize us to what we energize

To fully empower our Co-creative endeavors,
we must determine and fully understand
our true underlying intention!

Changing core belief programs,
which are those deep, inner subconscious beliefs
underlying our true intentions
creates lasting change and profound transformation.

When you accept your full Co-Creative Authority, you are manifesting through Empowerment Consciousness™.

Manifestation occurs on many different levels: physical manifestations such as food, clothes, cars, and houses; emotional manifestations such as joy, peace, anger, pain, resentment and regrets; and relational manifestations such as a soul mate, a parent-child relationship, a career or a devotional path.

Manifestation is a process of making choices; choices that first originate with a thought.  It is the deeper, subconscious Core Belief Program that is actually magnetizing what you are able to draw into your life.  Let’s look at an example to better understand why our manifestations would not occur with gratitude, grace, joy and ease.

You have a desire or a need for a new car, but your deep underlying Core Beliefs (either yours, your family’s, ancestral or mass consciousness) run this kind of limiting and constraining gamut:

  • I don’t deserve to have what I desire … I’m undeserving, unworthy, unimportant, unsuccessful, selfish, lazy, uneducated, etc.
  • I should make do with what I have … It’s wrong to accumulate wealth/acquisitions/belongings/etc.; I must be poor to be spiritual; wanting things is selfish/wrong/greedy; I shouldn’t want things. I don’t need anything; that car is a luxury, which I don’t need.
  • Asking for what I need is always denied … It’s selfish and greedy to ask for what I need. I must sacrifice for others.
  • Only rich people can own a new car, and I am not rich. A person has to work hard to get rich, but I don’t want to have to work hard or I work hard, but I never seem to get ahead. My work is not good enough; No one appreciates me; I ‘m always overlooked; I’m nothing, I’m unimportant, I’m never seen/heard/valued.
  • People like me/my family/women never get ahead, never get a break, never get rich, never get what they want, are always denied, are not powerful, uncreative, don’t have what it takes to succeed.

A person will continue with various lines of thinking similar to the above and these form into Core Belief Concepts that will constrain their ability to manifest consciously. These kinds of programs block the manifestation ability and a person will be unable to find the money or establish the credit to purchase the new car, or maybe even buy the car and have to have it repossessed because of missed payments.

This kind of disempowering thinking could also limit the person’s ability to keep a well-paying job, to establish a successful and prosperous business or to find a compatible soul mate. Creating feelings of disempowerment, frustration, resentment, anger, grief, jealousy, rage, etc., this survival dynamic reinforces the old survival Core Belief Program of being undeserving.

Your subconscious mind will override your conscious choices until you make a change to that deep inner Core Belief Programming.  The subconscious mind does not make the original choices; it simply carries out the orders you have placed there.  It has the job of carrying out your orders until you make a conscious effort to unravel the gnarly details of your underlying Core Belief Programs that reveal your true intentions − to gain conscious awareness of the reason why you placed it there to begin with.

  • Have you thought about whether your new year’s resolutions are unrestricted, unencumbered and free to manifest?
  • Are you completely free of any internal conflict that may be energetically sabotaging your manifesting efforts?
  • Have your taken the time to unveil any hidden intentions or objectives, and to transform your Core Belief Program to fully empower your manifestations?
  • Are you in a truly open and willing state of change to allow for the manifestation of your goals?

Oftentimes we have conflicting beliefs that energetically contribute to the creation of “no change.” These are Core Belief Programs that generate energy both for and against the same goal. For instance, we may have a belief that says “I’m rich” and a belief that says “I’m not rich, or I’m poor” or thinking that says “things should be easy” and an opposing belief that says “things are always hard for me.”

These types of Core Dual Belief Programs relate opposing information to our subconscious bodymind. In its effort to support the beliefs we have chosen to place there, the subconscious mind takes action toward the positive goal and then habitually responds to an alternative belief that undermines the achievement of that goal.

Creating a kind of internal tug-of-war, we meet resistance at every turn and the positive goal never fully actualizes. We are living through a resistance of self-sabotage and we are creating the survival dynamics of “no change.”

We are not certain why our attempts to create our manifestation are unsuccessful. After all, we were certain that we really wanted that new car! We seem to really want to manifest our goal, but somehow our thoughts and actions are sabotaged by our own choices and apparent lack of opportunities. With the dual belief system intact, our choices are drawn toward the stalemate of inertia.

We are disappointed and frustrated that we are unable to facilitate the changes we envision. Energetically this defeated perspective adds even more fuel to fire of the “unsuccessful” side of our Dual Core Belief system. We begin to feel stuck in the war of “trying;” stuck in the illusions of “effort;” trapped in the web of “sacrifice.” We are sabotaging our own game of Empowerment Manifestation.

It is unfortunate that no one ever shared with us the rules of the game of Empowerment Manifestation. It certainly isn’t that people haven’t tried to work the creation system through exhaustive effort, valiant sacrifice and frustrating suffering.

But most of us have learned to be motivated to change by basing our intentions in fear-based thinking.

Fear is most often the motivator of our unconscious actions. What I mean by this is that rather than consciously choosing to move forward through heart felt desire, trust and conviction, we are more motivated by the fear of not achieving what we desire. We fear what will happen if we don’t achieve our goals … shame, failure, loss of freedom/security/connection, pain, rejection, isolation, separation, etc.

Or we retain the illusion that without the manifestation of our goal, all of our fears will come true … I’ll be homeless, I’ll be alone, I’ll be cast out, I’ll be different/unacceptable/useless/a looser, etc. This is still fear-based motivation. This is not a heartfelt following, but rather it is a fear driven survival tactic that is fueling the energy of our intention.

  • Fears provide the catalyst of energy and intention for our mis-creations
  • Fears undermine our full ability to choose from the Empowering of Integrative Possibilities;
  • Fears anchor our manifestations in Survival Consciousness, where conflict rules and suffering, sacrifice, pain and loss permeate. 

Empowering Integrative Possibilities come into our conscious awareness when we accept our Co-Creative Authority. Up until that point, we are limited to create through the energy dynamics of Survival Consciousness, the habitual, unconscious choosing that only has access to limited and constrained possibilities of fear-based thinking.

Survival Consciousness is a state of awareness that affirms fear, lack and limitation. And in this survival dynamic,

  • We can only engage creation through hard work, effort, sacrifice, pain and suffering.
  • We can only see choices that reinforce the old patterns and expectations of the fear-based past.
  • We are not privy to the NEW Integrative Possibilities of Empowerment Consciousness™, because we have chosen to limit our perspective through the lens of mere survival.

Here are 7 Empowerment Manifestation Guidelines for Being a Conscious Co-Creator:

1. Become consciously aware of your true intentions (the “why”) in all of your creations.

As you begin your new year of manifestations, make a list of what you are choosing to Consciously Co-Create this year. With each item (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual), ask yourself,

“What will it get for me to have this in my life? 

And then, what would that get for me?

And then what would I have, be or receive?”

With each item you will need to ask this series of questions several (possibly many) times to reveal the deeper subconscious Core Belief Pattern or Core Dual Belief Pattern from which this manifestation is being energized. Allow this simple self-awareness tool to reveal what limiting belief you are holding about yourself that is energizing this manifestation. Evaluate if this is the energy from which you are wanting to manifest. What do you think this will magnetize to you? Will it create from Empowerment or from Survival? (Hint: If it is at all limiting or coming from an unfulfilled place within you, then it is Survival based Core Belief Programming)

2. Take inventory of all of your creations.

Utilize this new awareness to evaluate what you have been magnetizing into your life.

  • Are you able to see the connection to your limiting Core Belief Program and what you have been able or unable to manifest to date?
  • Are you able to gain self-awareness about your true motivating intention?
  • Are your intentions coming from a place of wholeness and Empowerment, or merely engaging fears, limitations and judgment?

3. Release regret, resentment/grudges, rejection and blame.

Regret: This energetic intention places a huge amount of energy into the past continuing to reinforce the lack and limitation found there; it also is unable to perceive NEW empowering Integrative Possibilities as it only perceives from what could have been; It creates a fear of moving forward to protect you from experiencing the failure again.

Resentment/Grudges: This energetic intention places a block on your ability to access full heart connection with others or your goals; it completely blocks Empowerment Manifestation.

Rejection: This energetic intention denies your Co-creative Authority, rejects help from the Universe and other people; it keeps abundance, health, joy and peace from being accessible in your life because you are holding the energy of being rejected.

Blame: This energetic intention gives Co-creative Authority to someone or something else; it denies your Co-creative Authority and creates through disempowerment, suffering and sacrifice. Let yourself, God, the Infinite Universe and all others off of the ”blame hook;” eliminate all blame from your intentions.

Since you are now fully understanding the source of your creations and taking ownership of what you have previously manifested, are you willing to release any lingering blame, regret, resentment, grudge or rejection so that you can move into Empowerment Consciousness™?

4. Forgive the mis-creations of the past. Accept responsibility (not blame) for the choices you have made and the consequential results you have experienced.

Forgiveness allows you to release your energetic intentions to move beyond the stagnant, inertia and resistance that creates “no change.” Forgiveness opens your cell receptors to allow NEW Integrated Possibilities to be observed and selected. By accepting responsibility your invite the dynamics of Empowerment Consciousness™.

Accept the empowering possibility that there are no victims, there are no accidents and there is no one commanding you to suffer or sacrifice except yourself! You can also view these as deep genetic, ancestral, or soul programming that is underwriting the limitations of your Empowerment Manifestations. Co-Create from an authentic place of Empowerment rather than a limited place of victimhood; make a choice to free yourself from blame and choose to accept responsibility to make better Consciously Co-Creative choices.

5. Allow gratitude to be the leading intention (energy) of your Co-creations.

Gratitude embraces the intention of completion and the realization of your manifestations. Gratitude is a high state of consciousness that creates from the knowing that the manifestation is already in your life  … “It is Done! It is Done! It is Done!”

6. Realize that there is only one thing that stops your Empowerment Manifestations … the true intentions underlying Limiting Core Belief Programs.

The only thing that stops your ability to consciously and Co-creatively engage Empowerment Manifestation is your original limited Core Belief Programs, which contains an energetic intention that is self limiting. These most definitely include the genetic and epigenetic programming of past ancestral choices and experiences as well as, the same from mass consciousness. But FYI, they can and will also be transformed with the Empowerment Consciousness Processes!

7. You are the Co-creator in your life.

It’s time to get Conscious of the fact that you are the one who is manifesting the life you are experiencing.  While it is true that you have been manifesting this life from intentions, motivations and belief choices that to date have remained unconscious, you must realize that you have always been the one in charge of your manifestations. This realization is the most empowering of concepts for you to understand and accept. This realization allows you to accept your full Co-Creative Authority!

And when you get the 6 Empowerment Manifestation Guidelines … really get those powerful Truths … you will have attained a level of consciousness that awards an empowered perspective that will allow for Empowerment Manifestation, Co-Creating through Empowering Integrative Possibilities that transform your life, body and relationships through gratitude, grace, joy and ease!

Align yourself with your true intentions through the evolutionary transformative processes that Co-Create through Empowerment Consciousness™ by downloading the free e-Book 6 Powerful Steps to Invite Empowerment.