Manifesting through Divine Values and Virtues

There is always a choice of whether we will consciously choose to override our stress, anger, hostility, worry, irritability, guilt or shame.  It is during these moments of remaining unconscious that we make the mistake of creating ill health, inviting disease, sabotaging our relationships, remaining in lack or staying willfully discordant.

Finding harmony and prosperity in one’s life is a journey of exploring choices. There will always be an opportunity to stay stressed, hold onto your anger, dismiss an act of kindness, continue worrying over a project deadline, or absentmindedly rejecting a smile.  However, in every instance, whether you recognize it as such or not, there is a choice through which you are creating your future experiences. 

As we realize that our thoughts and emotions are directing the flow of Universal Consciousness into the creation of our future experiences, we can begin to take ownership of what we are contributing to the creations of our lives. There is a flow of momentum that is directed by the express of our consciousness, and we can take charge of that momentum to consciously direct that energy into the attraction of harmony, success, kindness, compassion, abundance and love. To do so, we must use a transformational method to “disavow, destroy, release and un-create” what is not serving our future creations.

  • Love is not created through rejection, hatred or resentment. 
  • Harmony doesn’t respond to judgment or anger. 
  • Kindness is not felt when animosity and hostility prevail.   
  • Success is never really an outcome of competition.

The need to prove oneself or to be better than another only affirms an endless comparison of self, propelling and validating underlying wounded feelings of unworthiness and undeservingness.  Eventually, someone will come along who is wealthier, smarter, has more possessions, more popularity or followers, who will be your noble friend by pointing these self-sabotaging comparisons out to you. You will then feel the uncomfortable undercurrent of your wounds as they surface for conscious recognition, release and transformation. 

Competition is a never ending game of comparison and judgment.  Letting go of what we do not wish to continue to create is a conscious act of creation; it is a paying it forward action that directs the flow of momentum to the creation of what we wish to experience rather than what we no longer wish to create. 

Always let go of the negativity.  Find out why you need to keep it, how it helps you or serves you in some way.  It is always a misguided attempt to protect ourselves, punish others, feel safe, teach someone something or prove to them something.  And then, when you fully understand how the negative emotion is serving you, ask the Infinitely Intelligent Universe to teach you in a positive and supportive way how to be more aware, live a higher path of virtue, or engage with others more harmoniously without having to “hate, criticize, resent, disapprove, compete or compare.” 

Allow yourself to be on the leading edge of creation by becoming an Empowerment Manifestor, who consciously employs the energy of creation by expressing the higher flow of positive values and virtues.  Become the virtue that you wish to create in the world, and see the Universe respond to your efforts with increasingly fulfilling peace, joy, harmony, fulfillment, support and love. 

Say “YES” for the positive download:

“I consciously and proactively affirm that all is well in my life, my body, my relationships, my career, my country and my world. I do so with love, harmony, acceptance, joy and abundance.  I teach myself to consciously and proactively lead the experiences of creation through my positive values and virtues of Universal Love.  I AM enough in all ways.”