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04.17.08: Deborah to host PATHWAYS TO ENLIGHTENED LIVING Workshop

Saturday, April 26, 2008 ~ 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. ~ $175.00 ~ REGISTER BY APRIL 24

Do you want to feel happier, have less stress in your life, and feel healthier from the inside out? If the answer is “yes” then this workshop is for you. Register Today or Read More…

06.01.07: Money Magazine
“From Acupuncture to Vitamins: A guide to alternative therapies,” by Patricia B.

Gray, Money Magazine Contributing Writer. With so many alternatives to conventional medicine, how do you know what works and what’s just old-fashioned snake oil? Money Magazine takes a close look.

05.03.07: The Fayetteville Observer
“An Oasis in Stressful Time,” by Jennifer Calhoun

delves into the Oasis program at Cape Fear Valley Hospital’s Cancer Center (Fayetteville, NC), where Healing Touch is an effective treatment to reduce stress, pain, and anxiety for their patients during treatments. “With healing touch, the therapist places hands over the patient’s body to balance and rejuvenate the human energy system to promote healing. Patients may also feel more relaxed physically, emotionally, and mentally.”

4.30.07: Woman Heals With Touch Therapy
News 14 Carolina, by Casey Taylor.

Healing touch is like acupuncture without the needles. A recent study found this therapy can reduce a patient’s pain by more than half. It also relieved anxiety and nausea. More…

07.01.07: Energy Magazine
“Body-Mind-Spirit: Balancing Self Care,” contributed by Deborah Lallier.

Nourishing our minds is as much a part of self-care as doing a daily Self Chakra Connection. By expanding the level of creative thinking, both rational and intuitive processes are heightened. In fact recent evidence suggests that stretching our minds to learn something new actually wards against mental deterioration.

07.01.07: Spirit Side Magazine
“Connecting with the Divine,” contributed by Deborah Lallier.

From the beginning of time, man and woman have sought to develop a connection with the Divine. The past is riddled with ceremonial attempts to witness, invoke, or call forth higher levels of consciousness in order to initiate this awareness. Such endeavors have been a pastime of many a spiritual seeker, and today�s current trend in spiritual awakening is no exception.

01.17.07: Deborah Hosts New Online Talk Radio Show

Deborah will host a new online talk radio show, “Creative Pathways: Balancing for Wholeness,” beginning on Thursday, January 18, at 11 a.m. EST on the 7th Wave Network The show will air weekly and focus on the emerging field of holistic therapies which complement traditional healthcare.

06.22.06: The Touch That Heals
Technician, Raleigh, NC

The power of healing is associated with medical doctors, psychiatrists and religious figures. The physical, the emotion and spiritual are all a part of a human’s well being, and each figure deals with one part of the whole. The medical doctor heals the body, the psychiatrist heals the mind and the religious figures heal the spiritual. A person’s beliefs dictate who they think can heal them.

02.08.06: Local Heart Center Uses Healing Touch Therapy

Video of Healing Touch story on (WCCO) St. Paul, MN Channel 4 News Reported by Dennis Douda, Featuring Barb MacIntyre