Fox News broadcast on ThetaHealing® Posted: Oct 30, 2008 Story and Video Link:

Dr. Judith Orloff’s Positive Energy and Guide to Intuitive Healing are presented in short tutorials and a series of prime time interviews. A great overview of her books, as well as suggestions for incorporating positive intentions and energy healing within your daily life. CHH Headline News, CBS Early Show, NBC Today Show and her Living Room Series are presented and continually updated. 

These are video feeds of the use of Healing Touch in hospitals from around the country, including cardiac care patients at St. Joseph’s Hospital in St. Paul, and cancer patients in a Tampa Bay Hospital. According to HealthEast cardiac surgeon Arlen Holter, M.D.,

Science has proven we can’t deny the mind-body connection. That obviously plays a role in how people are able to relax and achieve a state of mind to heal.”

Healing Touch is being shown to improve healing rates, reduce complications, and decrease the length of hospital stays, while providing for a reduction in pain and increased states of relaxation. St. Joe’s Expert Explains Her ‘Healing Touch’ Video of Healing Touch story on ABC Action News, Tampa, FL Featuring Kimberly Garcia Posted: April 7, 2006 Story and Video Link:

Local Heart Center Uses Healing Touch Therapy Video of Healing Touch story on (WCCO) St. Paul, MN Channel 4 News Reported by Dennis Douda, Featuring Barb MacIntyre Posted: February 8, 2006 Story and Video Link:

Become Spiritually Healthy This slide show defines spirituality and provides an explanation on how to improve your spiritual health. It includes a list of activities, as well as a description of the qualities a spiritually healthy person possesses.