Basic ThetaHealing DNA Class


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ThetaHealing® Technique: BASIC DNA Class

This is the foundational class for becoming a certified ThetaHealing® Technique Practitioner and is required for all other exciting, educational and healing ThetaHealing classes! It is the perfect class to kick off or reinforce learning about the bodymind connection, chakras and energy dynamics of the body, emotions, mind and spirit. In this interactive class there are daily opportunities to both practice and receive these healing techniques. In this class you will improve your intuition and innate healing abilities for yourself and others. Upon completion, a certificate of completion is awarded by the ThetaHealing® Institute for Knowledge (THInK). Book & Manual provided.

Learn to:

  • Facilitate an intuitive body scan; Perform intuitive readings; Witness healings
  • Find and change limiting beliefs held on the Core, Genetic, History, and Soul Levels using the Belief Work; Instill positive feelings using the Feeling Work
  • Activate 12 strands of DNA and Activate the Youth & Vitality Gene
  • Connect to guardian angels and guides; Clear excess radiation and energy cords
  • Facilitate Group Healings
  • And much more!

Prerequisites: No prerequisites are required, but it is suggested that you read ThetaHealing by Vianna Stibal before the course starts.

Materials Provided: The book ThetaHealing®, a designated practitioner’s manual, and a certificate of completion from the THInK Institute, which is required for further advancement in this technique

Class Criterion taught by the Certified ThetaHealing® Instructor:

  1. The Formation of ThetaHealing®
  2. The Power of Words and Thoughts
  3. Cellular Communication
  4. The Theta State
  5. Five Brain Waves
  6. Electromagnetic Field
  7. Energy Break
  8. The Psychic Senses
  9. The Chakras and Kundalini
  10. Free Agency- Co Creation
  11. Visualization- the witness
  12. The Command
  13. The Intuitive Abilities
  14. The Road Map to the Seventh Plane
  15. Cosmic Consciousness
  16. A Daily ThetaHealing® Meditation
  17. The Reading
  18. The Reading with a Client
  19. The Secrets of the Reading
  20. Principles of the Reading
  21. Opening Psychic Centers
  22. The Healing
  23. Principles of the Healing
  24. The Healing Technique
  25. Clearing Radiation
  26. Cell Talks to Cell
  27. Group Healings
  28. Group Healing Exercise
  1. Why People Do Not Heal
  2. Belief Work
  3. Emotions and Health
  4. Beliefs & How to Change Them
  5. Belief Work-The Four Levels
  6. ThetaHealing® Energy Testing
  7. Creation of Feelings
  8. Feeling Work
  9. Programs for Feelings
  10. Key Beliefs-Digging
  11. Free-Floating Memories
  12. The New Life Experiment
  13. The Seven Planes of Existence
  14. Manifesting Using the Planes
  15. Guardian Angels
  16. Soul Mates
  17. Soul Fragments
  18. Energetic Divorce
  19. Manifesting
  20. Seventh Plane Manifesting
  21. The Future Reading
  22. The DNA
  23. DNA Activation
  24. Gene Replacement
  25. Programs for Aging
  26. Clearing a Coma
  27. Adjusting Brain Chemicals Vitamins & Minerals

Deborah Lallier is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Usui Reiki Master, Energy Healing Practitioner, ThetaHealing Certified Instructor, and Intuitive Spiritual Director who is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Theology in Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine with an emphasis in Spiritual Direction through Holos University Graduate Seminary.

For more information call Deborah Lallier at 910-818-7733.