Building a Conscious Relationship with Higher, Divine Will (Part II)

There is an integrating movement toward wholeness present within the Infinite Field of Universal Consciousness. It is a consciousness process utilizing free will as a means to evolve into a more unified whole. In this process of evolution, human advancement can be characterized as being the penetration of spirit into dense matter, where higher consciousness is the result of more spirit being present in the body, mind and emotions.

Understanding that free will is the means to consciously choose, we come to realize that our involvement with this greater plan of unification, the Divine Plan of Perfection, is a conscious choice. Participation in this divine orchestration on a consciously aware level is what we came here to do!

The will enacts creation
As renowned consciousness teacher David Hawkins relates, “The will is the invitation to Divine intervention.” By aligning individual or personal will to a more integrated, higher function, Divine Will is enacted through our being instead of the limited perspective  to which we had previously ascribed. It is through this association with Divine Will that we come to know the perfect state of being and consciously and co-creatively bring that perfection into form.

Through the alignment of personal and Divine Will, the power to collaboratively create is impressively conscious, intentional, immediate and empowering.
The consciously co-creative state of being that is engaged through alignment with Higher Will optimizes the functioning of the mind/body and emotions. A state of balance is attained that engages the homeostatic  systems  of the mind/body creating coherency.  These harmonizing processes  regulate the systems of the body in support of optimal functioning to sustain overall  well-being and reduce stress.

The application of intention, specifically, the feeling of positive emotions focused through the heart, presents a method through which a balanced psychophysical state of the mind/body/emotions may be consciously and co-creatively attained.
Experiencing negative emotions and feelings in the mind/body, such as anger or frustration, creates a less than optimal state of functioning for the body, a state of incoherency through which the mind/body experiences the psychophysical states of stress that create dis-ease in the body’s systems. Alternatively, experiencing positive emotions, such as love and appreciation, correspond to increasing states of well-being within the mind/body and emotions.

Experiencing positive emotions, such as love and appreciation, correspond to increasing states of well-being within the mind/body and emotions.

Positive emotions have been shown to increase states of well-being (homeostasis) not only emotionally and mentally, but also in our physical body reducing stress and increasing emotional stability.
The most significant contribution we can individually and collectively make in the structure of our future, both personally and globally, is to consciously focus on viewing life through expansion of the heart, rather than through the constrictions and incoherency created by negative mental/emotional states like fear, anger, judgments and resentments.

Negative emotions are fear based thoughts and feelings separating us from Higher, Divine Will.  Separation is a state of being that gives energy to dis-ease. Awakening our consciousness to a state of connection and unity─wholeness, is the goal of Spiritual Integration. Holistic well-being is a state of integrated wholeness, where mind, body, emotions and spirit work in unison to co-create perfection.

 Awareness Exercise

Using your conscious and personal will to align with Higher, Divine Will releases the psychophysical-spiritual balancing mechanisms of well-being (homeostasis and coherency).

  1. Notice when the body/mind or emotions are out-of-balance and feeling separate from Higher, Divine Will. These are any and all states of distress including physical, mental, emotional or spiritual states. ex. anger, rage, panic, envy, jealousy, worry, anxiety, fear, pain, stress, suffering, depression, etc.
  2. Refer to the Awareness Exercise of Present Moment Awareness
  3. Use the Being One with the IN-Breath and OUT-Breath  awareness Exercise to center your awareness in your heart.
  4. Use the Being One with Higher, Divine Will consciousness exercise to invite Higher, Divine Will into your mind/body and emotions.

Heart Focused Co-Creation

  1. Consciously and co-creatively engage the integrating and harmonizing field of the heart, which is now aligned with Higher, Divine Will.
  2. Allow the consciousness of Higher, Divine Will to bring into the mind/body and emotions higher, more coherent consciousness engaging/fueling the field of the heart to harmonize, transform and balance any state of distress within your mind/body or emotions.
  3. Breathe IN through your heart the integrating and empowering golden energy of Higher, Divine Will, and

    beating heart
    Allow the consciousness of Higher Will to empower the transformative field of the heart to heal, restore and bring balance to mind,
  4. Breath OUT any discomfort or stress from the heart or other areas of the mind/body.
  5. Feel the influx of positive emotion and feeling states as the transformation of higher consciousness shifts the disharmony within the mind/body and emotions.

Notice what has changed in your mind/body and emotions.

Conscious Choice

The first step in Spiritual Integration is recognizing that we DO HAVE A CHOICE in how we feel, what we think and how we participate in the Divine Plan of Perfection. This is an empowering and healing consciousness concept. Deciding to participate in the resolution of distress, in the transformation of the old, out-dated and no longer functioning aspects of consciousness, we consciously choose to participate in the creation of wholeness.

Action Step

You can be a consciously collaborative co-creator with Higher, Divine Will. It only requires the action step of taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and intentions, as they are your creations.

Make a choice to transform any limited perceptions and feelings to disengage the stress-filled patterns of dis-ease by aligning with Higher, Divine Will and inviting wholeness through Spiritual Integration.