Building a Conscious Relationship with Higher, Divine Will (Part I)

Moving into a conscious relationship with the Infinite Field of Universal Consciousness is the life purpose of each and every soul. It is through such a conscious relationship that we realize our individual gifts, strengths and talents that will support us in leading a fulfilling, co-creative life.

While we have been afforded the gift of personal will (free will), it is the goal of Universal Consciousness that we freely choose to participate in the grand scheme of Divine Perfection through our own individualized, awakened and conscious choice. Through our efforts to be consciously aware, we are seeking to resolve the past and create new, whole, empowered ─ conscious life experiences.

When we change from using personal will to create our lives and choose to express ourselves jointly with Divine Will, we have made the conscious choice to creatively collaborate with the Divine Plan of Perfection

We are supported in this healing process through an evolutionary integrating movement toward wholeness, or unity.  The Infinite Field of Universal Consciousness, with Its intelligent, self-organizing, unifying effect, guides and directs everything within It toward the highest, deepest, fullest, richest and most empowering of expressions. This synthesis of being, or movement to wholeness is guided and directed by a template of Divine Perfection, termed Higher (Divine) Will.

Our personal lives, as well as the experiences of our world will vastly improve when we consciously create in alignment with Higher Will.  This is a consciousness exercise inviting Higher, Divine Will to be an active influence in all aspects of your life and body… guiding, healing, imbuing, facilitating, and jointly creating through conscious choice.

Awareness Exercise

In this moment, evaluate the feelings within the mind/body; Use the Intensity Scale of 0 – 10 (zero is lowest, 10 is highest of that feeling) to indicate the present sensation level as you consider some of the following questions:

Notice how centered, balanced, aware and present you are feeling or not feeling.

ex.  Pre-assessment: Feeling centered, etc. –  Level 3 of 10

Notice how connected you feel to the wholeness of Infinite Potential.

ex. Pre-assessment: Feeling connected Level 1 of 10

How much do you feel that you need to do it all by yourself?

ex. Pre-assessment: Need to do it all alone –  Level 9 of 10

How much do you feel pressure to figure it all out yourself?

ex. Pre-assessment: Feeling pressure to figure it all out –  Level 1 of 10

Notice if you are feeling separate, isolated, alone, frightened, uncomfortable, disconnected, etc.;

ex. Pre-assessment: Feeling alone, etc. –  Level 10 of 10

Allow these thoughts and feelings to take a form in a shape, sensation or image within your body.

ex. Discomfort in my stomach that looks like a lone survivor on a desert island who is distressed and hungry.

Consciousness Exercise

Being ONE with the IN Breath and the OUT Breath:

  1. Take a deep cleansing breath in through your nose and center/drop your awareness deep within your heart. Allow all tension, anxiety, worry, fear, pain and doubt to leave the body with the out breath through an open mouth.
  2. Once again, take a deep cleansing breath in and let go of all discomfort in your body.
  3. Again, a deep cleansing breath in and let go, allowing all the muscles of the body to fully and completely relax.
  4. Now, just be aware of the beating of your heart…beating heart 2be one with the  energy of your heart. Feel the ebb and flow of the life-force energy as  the breath fills the deepest levels of the lungs….take a deep breath in  while slowly counting IN…2…3…4…and OUT..2..3..4, allowing the  cleansing breath to balance the mind/ body.
  5. Feel yourself relaxing and completely letting go of all tension, worry, anxiety and pain.
  6. You are one with the IN-breath and one with the OUT-breath.

Being ONE with Higher, Divine Will:golden energy

  1. Using your creative imagination, become aware of a golden thread of light that extends from your heart through the top of your head.
  2. This golden thread extends to an infinite level of being connecting you with higher, more coherent realms and dimensions.connecting you to the highest levels of being.
  3. With your consciousness, follow this golden thread as it leads you to a golden sea of Infinite Potential… the golden essence of Divine Perfection.
  4. Feel and connect with the golden sea of Divine Perfection, which is the energy of Higher, Divine Will.sea of golden energy
  5. Allow this radiant, healing energy of Unconditional Love to flow freely into your heart through the golden thread; use the breath with consciousness to open this channel of Divine inspiration, unconditional love and support.
  6. Allow the unlimited sea of golden energy to anchor within your heart, filling your heart, mind and all parts of the body with unconditional love.
  7. Allow every cell in your body to be open to this influx of golden healing energy; invite the golden healing energy of Higher, Divine Will into all areas of discomfort or images of concern
  8. Slowly return your consciousness to the here and now…be present…fully connected to your heart, mind and  body as it is now aligned with the energy of Higher, Divine Will.
  9. Notice what has changed: Re-assess the feelings and/or images of discomfort in the mind/body; use the intensity scale and compare to the pre-assessment intensity levels.

Conscious Choice

Presnt Moment living connects Heart and Mind
Present Moment living connects Heart and Mind

You have made a conscious choice to connect your heart, mind and body to the energy of Higher, Divine Will.

Action Step

Invite the golden energy of Higher,  Divine Will into all aspects of your life and body. Connect with it daily, even moment to moment. Establish a lasting and vital energetic bond by using your intention to be one with the healing, guiding and supportive energy of Higher, Divine Will.