Co-Creating in Alignment with Divine Will

I remember a time when the organization of my day consisted of lists upon lists of things to do. Exhausted from the action of the day, the 13571820-red-pencil-on-a-daily-plan-horizontal-photosense of doing was only partially satisfying. Accomplishing the items on the lists only gave me the illusion of control and the false hope that if I kept making and working on the lists, then my goals, dreams and ambitions would all come true.

This was a tiring, burdensome and unproductive pattern of doing to the exclusion of being. As a linear thinking equation implying when X is done, then Y will occur, the if this, then that thought process does not allow for the miracles of unlimited potentialities. This restricting thought equation produces the same old expected results, because of the same old habit of isolated linear, left brain thinking.

Maybe you can relate to the “If I do this, then I’ll be/get/have that” kind of thinking.

For instance,

– If I work hard, then I can retire and enjoy life.

– If I do things right, then I’ll be safe and feel in control.

– If I get a new job or a new relationship, then I’ll be happy.

– If I loose weight, then I’ll feel good about myself.

– If I buy this, then I’ll feel deserving.

– If I can get others to agree with me, then I’ll feel in control.

– If I have strong boundaries, then people will respect me,

– If people like me, then I’ll be accepted.

– If I am good enough, then I’ll be loved.

All of the above examples are thought patterns that contain the illusion of control and the false hope of accomplishment. Thinking in a linear fashion places your awareness into the future or the past, holding you captive in the state of “if this, then that thinking.” There can be NO positive end results ~ no joy, safety, control, happiness, respect, acceptance or love, until the first part of the equation is fulfilled. This creates the illusionary state of doing as the only way to reach our goals and fulfill our needs.

So how can our goals be accomplished without the need to figure it all out, break it all down, rope it all in and accomplish it through “to-do” lists? How do we get where and what we need and desire in life without the illusionary control of doing?

The answer lies in being. Allowing your awareness to be in the present moment permits whole brain functioning, balanced brain processing that integrally utilizes both left and right hemispheres of the brain.

The intuitive right side of our brain is a parallel processor, which allows for multiple patterns and opportunities to be recognized and processed simultaneously. Guidance, insight, creative opportunities and multiple potentialities are recognized from the right side of the brain.

The logical, left side of our brain is a linear processor that can only implement what the right side of the brain has directed. Without new, creative direction from the right side of the brain, the left brain stays on autopilot using the same old directives of the past, hence creating the same old, expected results and usual outcomes.

When our focus genuinely stays in the present moment, we combine the abilities of both brain hemispheres and exponentially increase our ability to collaboratively create.

We can both perceive the new creative possibilities and take the action steps needed to invite perfection to unfold in our reality. In the present moment, we are aware of our part of the Divine Plan of Perfection, and we know what needs doing.

Divine Will communes in the present moment …the only authentic space of being.

When we focus on future attainment of our goals or experiences (if this, then that linear thinking) to meet current needs or desires, we are creating a space of separation. We are separated from the present moment awareness of Divine Will and that constrains our ability to choose perfection.

Present moment awareness invites the possibilities of the Divine Plan of Perfection and gives us opportunities to place that plan into action.

As I have learned to make conscious, in-the-moment choices, I have let go of the need for “to-do” lists. This has freed up my right brain to connect in the moment to Divine Will, inviting guidance of my actions and directing my life through Divine Order. The results far exceed what I ever could, in isolation and separation, linearly have produced for myself.

Personal will creates through isolated, left brain, linear thinking, whereas personal will merged with Divine Will creates through whole brain, integrated brain processing.

  1. Divine Will is the ultimate expression of perfection.
  2. Present moment awareness invites Divine Will to organize the highest order of potentiality into your life and experiences.
  3. Divine Will brings balance, order and harmony into all aspects of life.
  4. Divine Will heals, restores and integrates the past and the future into the co-creative power of present moment awareness.

Awareness Exercise

Gently, and with detached compassion, notice when your linear left brain is taking charge and running the old program of doing. Surrender to the Infinite Possibilities of balanced brain functioning with the following Consciousness Exercise.

Consciousness Exercise
Envision, feel, or perceive the barrier between the two hemispheres of the brain dissolving. Using your creative imagination, allow the imagery of transformation to unfold naturally:

      Examples: Experience the gates as parting, the doorway opening,

door with light

        the partition lowering, the lock opening, the pathways merging, the panel releasing, the mechanism letting go, the border patrol opening the lift gate, etc.

Experience the two hemispheres as one, in unity and interconnected, communicating information across a barrier free zone bringing you into present moment awareness.

Conscious Choice
Remember to engage the opening mechanism and stay consciously aware in balanced brain mode. Notice solutions as they come easily into your awareness. Present moment awareness brings new choices to the forefront of your mind.

Action Step
Notice new opportunities and solutions as they come into your awareness. Take the action steps that your now balanced brain has shown you. If you are shown to make a call or go to a particular place, follow-up on that guidance trusting the flow of possibilities that are presenting to you.