Creation is Change; Change is Transformational

Creation is ChangeInstances of change are transformational, creating new opportunities to embrace a different, more integrated and whole choice. Each and every moment offers the gift of a new beginning. Our daily goal for living a conscious life can be condensed to the idea of change. Evelyn Underwood, a modern day mystic, once commented on the profound mystery of life: “Creation is change, and change is often painful and mysterious to us. Spiritual creation means a series of changes, which at last produce a Holiness, God’s aim for us.”

How often do we get stuck in the same old routines failing to embrace change and remaining on autopilot? Remaining unconscious in our actions, daily tasks are performed without the opportunity to make new, in-the-moment choices … meals prepared and eaten without much thought or appreciation, duties and responsibilities begrudgingly accomplished, ever-building stressful states of overload and overwhelm staying unresolved… all unconscious, reactive patterns that keep you out of present moment awareness.

When we forget to stay consciously present and aware, we are repetitively re-selecting the same old patterns of the past. Relying on subconscious programming, we forfeit the opportunity to make present moment changes. In this unconscious mindset, we are remaining in less integrated states. We are living from the habits of the past and that choice limits our ability to observe new possibilities.

Awareness Exercise

To observe new opportunities that embrace conscious, whole and empowered living, stay present and conscious throughout your day. Be creative and use reminders that prompt you to breathe, experience, feel and stay fully present in your body. Set the hourly alarm on your phone, post sticky notes around, use a peaceful screen saver, etc…to encourage your re-attention to present moment awareness.

Present Moment Awareness

When fully present, you have the opportunity to change what you are thinking, feeling and experiencing. In this present moment awareness, you have the opportunity to transform any uncomfortable physical sensations, limiting thoughts, or emotional reactions. Having enough conscious awareness in the mind/body, you can select a new, empowering thought, emotion and/or feeling.

  1. Throughout the day, when triggered or even hourly when possible, notice how you are feeling inside of your mind/body:
  2. To do this, take a few centering breaths and place your awareness at the top of your head. Using all of your senses, allow yourself to begin to gently glide your awareness throughout your head, neck and body noticing any area(s) where there may be discomfort, such as irritation, pain, numbness, anxiety, sadness, guilt, shame, etc.
  3. Mentally notice the intensity level of the feeling, thought or image using a scale of 0-10 ( 0 is least and 10 is greatest).

Consciousness Exercise

Co-Creative Transformation

Bring consciousness to the unconscious pattern that is being expressed within your mind or body.

  1. Ask the Infinite Field of Universal Consciousness (The Field), “What feeling, thought or image could transform this (uncomfortable feeling, thought or image)?”
  2. Allow yourself to then perceive the feeling, thought or image that has the consciousness to transform the old into the new feeling, thought or image.
  3. Using your breath, breathe in the new, transforming feeling, thought or image directly into the part of the body that is experiencing the discomfort or limitation.

For example, if your shoulders are tense (intensity of a 6 on a scale of 0-10), The Field suggests that the shoulders would like to feel “relaxed,” breathe INTO the shoulders the feeling of  “relaxed,” and breathe OUT from the shoulders the feeling of “tense.”

For example, your mind (head) is telling you “I am a failure,” (intensity of an 8 on a scale of 0-10), The Field suggests a new belief of “I am enough,” breathe INTO the Mind (head) “I am enough.” and breathe OUT from the mind (head) “I am a failure.”

For example, your stomach shows you an image of a sinking ship (intensity of 7 on a 0-10 scale), The Field suggests the transforming image of a rising sun, breathe INTO the stomach the image of the rising sun and breathe OUT the image of the sinking ship.

  1. Repeat the transformative breath pattern several times.
  2. Then recalibrate your uncomfortable feeling, thought or image on a scale of 0-10; and also calibrate the new, empowering feeling, thought or image on a scale of 0-10.
  3. Notice the change in how you are feeling, thinking and your ability to be present.

Conscious Choice

Each and every moment offers the gift of a new beginning. Make a conscious choice to be present and choose the transformation of change. Possibilities abound in present moment awareness!

Action Step

How we feel, what we think and how we experience our world is our own personal creation. Take the steps necessary to create the world you wish to experience by embracing opportunities to change, transforming the old and embracing the new.