Evolutionary Transformation Series


Choose the path of conscious evolutionary transformation to express your most Authentic, True Self and to create your most empowered, purpose filled life.

Be your Authentic, True Self!

Live fulfilling your Life Purpose, Manifest your Heart’s Desire,

Experience Better Health, Less Stress and More Peace

All with Gratitude, Grace, Joy and Ease!

This series of Evolutionary Transformational Processes are Co-Creatively designed to expedite and elevate your awareness into the NEW Era of Conscious Awakening. This is an exciting time of change and transformation that optimizes the actualization of your highest potential and aligns your Co-Creative Authority to create in alignment with Higher Consciousness. This is a powerful opportunity to advance to the next stage of spiritual evolution … Empowerment Consciousness™.

Change your thinking, heal the past and merge into the

NEW paradigm of Empowerment Consciousness™.

To embrace this emerging paradigm of Empowerment Consciousness, we must experience a transformation of consciousness. With a transformation of consciousness, you are freed from the ingrained habits of experiencing life through the dynamics of disempowerment. Released from the restrictive, limiting, habitual conditioning of the past, a transformation of consciousness de-energizes the outdated, disempowering ways of thinking and feeling bound in the fear-based dynamics of Survival Consciousness.

To survive, we all have adopted various survival programs and ways of being in the world. We have agreed to be small, remain hidden, sacrifice or trade for power, safety, control, protection, etc. We have agreed to live through fear and limitation.

  • Most of these programs were ingrained in our consciousness by our families, cultures, governments, religions and institutions in order to maintain control and/or help us survive.
  • These Survival Dynamics were often the only option that we knew were possible.
  • These deep-seated Survival Dynamics remain in our subconscious bodymind complex, our inherited DNA and are held as habituated information in the morphic fields of mass consciousness, which constitute the habits of humanity’s survival.

Now is the time to reclaim our Co-Creative Authority and consciously Co-Create our lives, bodies, relationships and the world we live in. It is NOW POSSIBLE to experience a transformation of consciousness that destroys and uncreates these limiting, outdated, subconscious habits of thinking and feeling so that we can observe and choose from the NEW Empowering Integrative Possibilities, which allow us to thrive

This amazing shift in perspective realigns your Free Will Choice Abilityand inspires you to make a NEW, Empowering Conscious Choice. You will have aligned with Higher Consciousness and healing dynamics of Integrative Change. Co-Creatively aligned with Higher Consciousness empowers your subconscious bodymind complex to destroy and un-create the limitations, expectations and habits of the past.

With these Evolutionary Transformational Processes, you can destroy and uncreate:

  • Limiting thoughts and fears;
  • Mass consciousness thoughts of victimology, scarcity, lack of abundance, sacrifice;
  • Self-sabotaging and self-defeating programs, including feelings of unworthiness, undeservingness, lack of confidence, rejection of personal power, habits of trading for power, love, validation, respect, etc.;
  • Expectations of failure, frustrations, defeat, guilt and shame of unfulfilled outcomes;
  • Vows, oaths, pledges and promises that restricted your authority, power, voice, freedom, prosperity, abundance, love, joy, etc.;
  • Emotional reactive patterns such as anger, hatred, depression, sadness, shame, guilt and remorse, self-criticism,
  • Self-sabotage feelings of rejections, resentments, regrets and the dysfunctional energetic dynamics of past drama/ trauma, pain and suffering.

Freed of the limitations of Survival Consciousness,

NEW Empowered Integrative Possibilities are observed, chosen and manifested.

Through this evolutionary transformation to Empowerment Consciousness, the painful attachment to suffering is transformed ─ the body, emotions and mind are spiritually integrated into a coherent, unified whole that functions harmoniously, efficiently and effectively to bring about holistic well-being and spiritual empowerment.

In each transformational program, Deborah assesses the group energy dynamic and skillfully guides the entire group through specific Empowerment Consciousness Transformational Processes. These processes utilize divinely gifted Empowerment Blueprints that shift and transform the no longer useful, out-of-date Survival Dynamics that are held both individually, genetically and collectively.

The Empowerment Blueprints are templates of structure and information that support the unfoldment of Empowerment Consciousness into the bodymind complex. This empowering information fills your bodymind complex with loving, supportive and healing energy and information that supports the emergence of the Divine Human Self and aligns you with the higher purpose of your life.

Participants are guided to discover conscious awareness of their personal version of the Survival Dynamic that is being discussed and transformed. Through the Empowerment Consciousness Evolutionary Transformational Processes, with gratitude, grace, joy and ease — YOU WILL:

  • Learn to Consciously and Co-Creatively invite Empowerment Consciousness into your body, emotions, mind and spirit by using the amazing transformational Conscious Choice Formula;
  • Access this consciousness technology necessary for the workshops and seminars, Download the free eBook, 6 Powerful Steps to Invite Empowerment
  • Transform the fear-based Survival Dynamics (belief programs, drama/trauma, pain, habits of suffering and submission, blocked emotional energy) that have kept you habitually choosing to live through fear, limitation and separation;
  • Observe NEW Integrative Possibilities, and Claim your ability to Consciously Co-Create an empowered life.
  • Gain practical application of the Empowerment Consciousness Evolutionary Transformation Processes for your continued transformational use;
  • Receive the powerful benefits of a personal transformational healing experience in a group setting, which is an exponentially powerful method of transformation and at a group rate;
  • Learn to use muscle testing as an empowerment tool to assess your subconscious programming and validate the immediate transformational shifts to Empowerment Consciousness.
  • Choose the option of receiving access to the recording of the Workshops and continue to use each session as a personally guided Evolutionary Transformational tool to Empowerment Consciousness.

Seminars and Workshops are videotaped, and your permission will be ascertained should you choose to participate in this way.  

The following Evolutionary Transformational Seminars and Workshops are your invitation to work Consciously and Co-Creatively with Empowerment Consciousness….

Your evolutionary transformational journey to Empowerment Consciousness™
Begins NOW with this empowering choice!