Manifesting the Seeds of Desire: A Ritual for Spring Equinox

Excerpt from radio interview March 15, 2007
Deborah Lallier with Andrea Mathieson, Raven Essences

The spring equinox is a gateway between the depths of winter’s darkness and the fullest of summer’s light. It is a moment of exquisite balance when a shift occurs in the rhythmic breathing of the planet. There is a pause after the long, slow inhale of winter, and a moment of time opens briefly before the rushing exhale of spring. In this precise and suspended time all the forces of Nature are poised and listening. In my imagination, I think Nature wonders, will we turn up and participate in the turning wheel of the seasons, or will we simply rush on with our busy lives, and ignore this pivotal moment?

We have the opportunity to consciously cross a threshold with the spring equinox. As we do, through simple ritual and open-hearted participation, we invite the forces of Nature to support us on our Destiny path.

There are magnificent forces gathering at these nodal times. The energies crest like an ocean wave. As the light begins to gain power towards the Summer Solstice, the parts of ourselves that are seeking to grow are quickened. Maybe there is a dream forming within us, or a project seeking to coming into form. Maybe we are opening to new feelings within ourselves. Perhaps we are in the depths of pain or working through old memories and traumas. Whatever is rising within us, this is a time to let our personal story be met with the larger energies of Nature. Like good surfers, if we position ourselves with awareness and intention, we can catch the cresting energies and ride a powerful wave forward on our destiny path.

It takes great courage to keep an open heart in these challenging times. It is all to easy to shut our hearts and turn away from the preciousness of life swelling within us. The spring equinox is an invitation to let the parts of ourselves that have grown cold or hardened to warm and melt with the spring light.

I want to talk about nature rituals. Doing rituals with Nature require careful preparation, authenticity and humility. We have lost most of the old pagan rituals that let us interact with the seasons and the earth. It is not a matter of adopting old rituals and trying to make them new. We must find our own authentic ways to participate with the forces of Nature now. The earth, Gaia, is in a very different state than centuries ago. This time requires something new from each of us. We cannot figure it out with our intellects alone. We must open our hearts and listen to the still small voice sounding there. Our hearts connect us to the vast workings of the universe, of which our earth is a beautiful radiant part.

This is how I am going to prepare for the spring equinox this year. (It is on March 20th at 8:07 pm EST.) You can adapt the ideas for yourself if they resonate with you or create your own ritual. The energies of Nature will always greet you with whatever intentionality you bring. It’s helpful to remember that this is a ritual for the northern hemisphere, for our neighbors south of the equator are moving into their autumn season.

To prepare for the actual time of the ritual, I will work with three questions. First, I will take time to consider what is growing within me. I find it helpful to go into quiet meditation and ask a clear question. This is one that I will probably use: What are the healthy seeds of desire swelling now within my heart?

Like a good gardener, I’ll also consider the weeds in my inner garden. The ‘”weeds” are the issues preventing me from fully opening and blossoming with the growing light. I will ask myself with as much honesty as I can muster, What feelings have I allowed to close my heart? I will look at whether I have let any fear or shame, guilt or despair to cause me to wither and turn away from the new life opening in my heart.

Because Life always knocks at my door in mysterious and marvelous ways, I’ll also ask my heart: What opportunities or invitations am I rejecting or avoiding?

When I have gathered this heart-information, and I like to take notes for further reference, I will prepare for the ritual time. On March 20th, a few minutes before 8:07 pm EST, I will light a candle, get still and quiet, and drop into my heart. This is where I can feel the forces of Nature moving within me. My heart is my connecting point with these larger, universal energies. Then, naming each seed swelling in my heart, I will commit to nurturing and protecting them as they grow in the spring light.

Having stated this, I will sit quietly and simply be present to the great Mystery. I will give thanks for being a part of all that is growing with the light at this time.