How Reiki works

Written by Deborah Lallier

How does Reiki work?

Reiki encourages the body’s healing systems to progress to a state of optimum integrated functioning through the relaxation response.  Studies show that a deep state of relaxation relieves tension and anxiety by acting through the autonomic nervous system to lower blood pressure and heart rate. This results in an enhanced capacity of the immune system to defend against bacteria and viruses and by stimulating the brain’s production of endorphins.  The prompting of this relaxation response through Reiki treatment, coupled with the increased and unimpeded flow of life-force energy through the body, encourages healing at all levels. 

What are Reiki Attunements? 

Attunements are the very core of the Usui Method of Natural Healing; they are what make the system unique.  Attunements are a series of initiations wherein a Reiki Master, using an ancient Tibetan meditative process, transmits spiritually guided energy in the forms of symbols into the student’s energy field.  The attunements open and balance the student’s energy centers, allowing Universal Life Force Energy to flow into the student’s crown chakra, through the heart, and out through the hands. 

Receiving an attunement is a powerful spiritual experience. The attunement acts as an open channel for Universal Energy to flow through the Practitioner for use in future treatments.  Reiki attunements also bring about personal and spiritual healing elevating the recipient’s vibratory rate to higher and finer degrees.  Attunements affect each person differently, adjusting your vibratory levels according to your individual “readiness.”  

Attunements help to establish deep personal readiness in the process of healing. There are different attunements that correspond to the three levels of Reiki. As the process of attuning continues, students can look forward to an amplification of conscious awareness, thereby reaching toward mastership of your own spiritual destiny.