Beginning the Process of Spiritual Alchemy Through Soul Connection

Last week on Creative Pathways: Balancing for Wholeness, we learned of the intention to connect with the Soul’s Blueprint of perfect health and well-being by overlaying that perfect blueprint onto ourselves and the situation or people around us. With the onset of building this higher connection, a new and inspired method of living unfolds into consciousness. This union with Spirit becomes a daily influencing factor in your life. What this means for you is the increased ability to hear, see, sense, feel and know how to live a life filled with meaning and purpose. This Presence becomes a guiding force in your life, bringing increased levels of personal awareness and inner knowings which guide and direct the play of your life. Life becomes easier, you feel more connected, empowered and divinely guided. At this juncture, the inner sense of longing, seeking, or doing becomes fulfilled, and the path of creative living manifests right before you!

Guided Meditation: The Golden Energy of the Soul

  1. Here…let’s take a moment and begin to feel this connection to our Soul. Take a deep cleansing breath in and center your awareness within your heart. Let all tension, anxiety, fear and doubt leave the body with the out breath.
  2. Once again, take a deep cleansing breath in and let go of all discomfort in your body.
  3. Again, a deep cleansing breath in and let go, allowing all the muscles of the body to fully and completely relax.
  4. Now, just be aware of the beating of your heart…be one with the energy of your heart. Feel the ebb and flow of the life-force energy as the breath fills the deepest levels of the lungs….breathe now….taking a deep breath in 2…3…4…now slowly letting it go…2..3..4.
  5. Feel yourself relaxing and completely letting go of all tension, worry, anxiety and pain.
  6. You are one with the in-breath and one with the out-breath. Using your creative imagination, become aware of a golden thread of light that extends from your heart through the top of your head. It extends to an infinite level of being connecting you with higher realms and dimensions…connecting you to the highest levels of being. Along this golden thread is a six pointed star…a golden star filled with radiant loving, healing light. This light contains the perfect and Divine blueprint of your life…the perfect understanding of all that you need to know…the perfect expression of all that you can become, your greatest potential. It is the radiant Oneness of life itself, filled with the golden essence of Divine Perfection.
  7. This is the energy of your Soul. Bring this radiant, healing energy into your heart with another deep cleansing breath. Allow it to anchor within your heart, igniting a golden ember, a ray of healing love within your body. You have connected you heart and mind to the energy of your Soul. Remember this energy and connect with it daily. Establish a lasting and vital energetic bond by using your intention to be one with this energy.
  8. Slowly return your consciousness to the here and now…be present…fully connected to your body and aligned with the energy of the Soul.

This meditation brings to your awareness a heightened sense of being in the world and is felt as a keen awakening, a sheer exuberance of living in accord with Spirit. Healing your life is a direct consequence of living in alignment with this Presence. This is the path of creative intentionality working to fulfill your deepest desires. A profound sense of being “right” with the world, of living in “right” livelihood and with “right” action is brought forth. No longer do you question how, why or when something is to occur…you have a deeper inner sense of knowing that all is in perfect order. You gain a sense of awareness of being present and fully living in the here and now. So following your heart is easy, and a direct path to fulfillment.

So, I invite you to begin this awakening by connecting to the healing Presence of Spirit, allowing this Presence to fill your life with meaning and a sense of divine purpose. Be one with your Soul …Take the consciously creative path and express your True Self!