Chakras and Their Relationship to our Physical, Emotional and Psychological Selves

Written by Deborah Lallier

Chakras are energy centers throughout the body that radiate out from the spinal column. Acting like lungs breathing ki from the ocean of energy they distribute this Universal Life Force Energy into our system, distributing it throughout the body along channels known as nadis or meridians. The seven main chakras each have a direct relationship to the part of the physical body it governs, and correspond to the endocrine system of the body. In addition, each chakra has a relationship to our emotional and psychological selves. (See chart)

The emotional development throughout life corresponds to our cycle through the seven chakras, each one lasting seven years from birth to the age of 49. Each chakra can be seen as a logical progression through life as we learn to deal with the outside world and its relationship with our own inner work. After the seven cycles are complete, we will return again to start a new cycle starting with the base chakra.

In the search for the meaning of life, we come to “know ourselves.” In this understanding we find those inner aspects of ourselves which have defied integration, keeping us at a distance from other people and from our Soul. It is in this quest for self enlightenment that we turn to understanding the inner nature of ourselves and transforming that inner nature to a heightened and growth oriented perspective. This is reaching true empowerment.

Understanding our relationship to ourselves, each other and the outside world requires an in-depth look at the way we lead our lives and the choices we have made over the years. There are empowering beliefs and there are disempowering ones which are generated through traumas in the life. Not just front page news worthy types of traumas, but daily types of ordinary events which cause us to withdraw from life, to feel victimized, to feel unworthy, ashamed or fearful…these, too, contribute to the manner in which we lead our lives.

It is the reaction to the ongoing trials and tribulations of life that make up the blockages in our energy bodies. Not everyone interprets the same events in the same manner….it is purely an individual’s account of what is happening in his or her life that makes the most impact on his or her energy system. It is the goal of Energy Work to release these limited patterns and assist the client in reaching those higher states of conscious awareness which lead to increased physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

The chakra system is the emotional clearing house for all the reactions we have to these traumatic events. Stored in the cellular memory, unresolved emotional debris collects in the field and blocks the inflow of ki into and through the body. The chakras actually determine what kinds of energy the body will be receptive to and which kinds of energy it will not respond to. The “like attracts like” principle works through the chakras. It becomes relatively easy to begin to understand where our thoughts and beliefs have gone astray when we seek out those areas of the body which are causing us discomfort and dysfunction.

Noted authors such as, Carolyn Myss, Louise Hay, Barbara Brennan, Anodea Judith, and David Pond, give us tremendous insights into the metaphysical nature of these energy centers. The physical areas of the body nearest to the centers correspond to the psychological energies of the chakra. We find such interesting understandings of the nature of the first or root chakra as being “survival oriented/lack of support,” and “love and nurturing” components of the fourth or heart chakra.

Dysfunctions of the first chakra lead to physical problems related to the hips, legs and elimination systems of the body. Physical imbalances could include sciatica, knee or hip replacements, or chronic fatigue syndrome. As you might already have guessed, fourth chakra imbalances might include heart related concerns like heart attacks or high blood pressure, and might even take on the nurturing aspects and include asthma, bronchitis, breast concerns, or immune imbalances. Looking into our past and present illnesses begins to paint a picture as to the health of our energy centers.

To reach more understanding of the health of your chakra, take a few minutes to list the illnesses and discomforts your body and mind have experienced over your life time.

Which illnesses are still affecting your well being? Note the area(s) of the body which are most prone to the pain and discomfort of these illnesses. Do you have fibrous cysts, heavy menstrual cycles, and/or PMS? Look then to better understand the second chakra’s issues and concerns. Look toward your personal relationships and the sense of power you find in your family, career, and friends.

If digestive ailments, stomach ulcers, acid reflux persist, check out your third charka and investigate your sense of self esteem and/or self worth. Where does your sense of who you are originate? Is it in the opinions of what others think of you? Do you seek approval?

The answer to these questions reveal to you a sense of where you have abandoned your sense of personal power…where you have given it away in exchange for pseudo feelings of power…where you might be succumbing to the power of others in order to feel safe, secure, or loved. Through the ongoing work of Intuitive Spiritual Direction more inroads can be made as to the specifics of these concerns. Coupled with Energy Work, these blockages can be gently and effectively released from the body revealing a more empowered position for the client to operate from and lead a peace-filled and purpose-driven life.

Click to see the Chakra Integration Chart.

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