Universal Life Force Energy and the Human Energy System

Written by Deborah Lallier

Modern physics is now discovering what the ancients knew—that our bodies are not solid entities but rather are interacting fields of energy given to continuous, creative fluctuation. From the smallest subatomic particles to the space beyond the skin to the farthest reaches of the universe, vibratory forces configure and reconfigure who we are in ourselves, in our relationships, and in the world. Substance is composed of energy fields: vast expanses of space in which particles of matter are created by the temporary intersection of these fields of energy.

In ancient India, China, Japan, and Egypt it was understood that the human body is made up of dynamic energy systems. These energy fields interact not only within the individual, but also between individuals and within the environment. The chakra-nadi system and the acupuncture meridian system are two ancient models that describe the flow of universal life-force energy within the body. Like the digestive system takes in biochemical energy and molecular building blocks in the form of physical nutrients, the chakras, in conjunction with the acupuncture meridian system, take in higher vibrational energies that are just as integral to the proper growth and maintenance of physical life.

Extending beyond the physical body are multiple subtle bodies through which vital energy fields interpenetrate each other and the physical body, and thus have a very powerful effect on our well-being, directly influencing the condition of our physical, mental, and emotional health. Though not composed of matter, the subtle bodies are perceptible through touch and are often experienced by energy healers.

Energy manifests as substance, and so it is that specific energetic patterns can be expressed as illness or lack of ease in the physical body. All conditions of imbalance are rooted in the human energy field, and it is the underlying energetic patterns that must be addressed and resolved in order to create conditions for wellness. This is the possibility offered by Energy Healing (See also The Human Energy Field: How Thoughts Create Our Reality).

The Energy Healing practitioner conducts vital energy from the universal energy field into the human energy field, where the energy is transmuted into a form that is usable at the cellular level. The vital energy recharges, realigns, and rebalances the subtle bodies, bringing harmony and wholeness to all the recipient’s systems. When the body is in balance, it can heal itself.

This all happens beyond the conscious mind—the client does not need to exert effort to pull in the life-force energy. It all happens independently of belief system, emotional state, or religious preference. The body’s inner intelligence orchestrates the entire session in accordance with the creative intelligence of the universe.

Through a conscious alignment with the Universal Life Force Energy, one is connecting with intention to the highest and best good of the client. Such an alignment assures that healing is facilitated in a most helpful, constructive, safe and easy manner in accordance with Divine Will. The Energy Healing Practitioner is acting solely as a conduit for the Universal Life Force Energy.

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