How to Cultivate Intuitive Spiritual Awareness

Today’s show has talked about the many ways that people have made themselves aware of the spiritual dimensions of being. These many instances of perceiving other realms of being awaken us to an increased tendency to trust in the reality of these dimensions. Dr. Benor shared with us the transformational nature of Near Death Experiences (NDE) and mystical awarenesses which forever change our attitudes and perceptions of reality. We talked about how with regular practice, our perception of spirit guides and angels from higher dimensions will improve.

In the quest for searching for the ultimate in human/spirit interaction, we can find within ourselves a deeper connection to the spirit world. We can develop skills which increase intuitive perceptions and keen awarenesses of spiritual realms as a way of inviting these energies to guide and direct us in the play of our lives. Such focused attention on the energies around us gives us a kind of “leg up” or spiritual advantage as we move through life.

The evolution of the human species is toward grander usages of our intuitive abilities; we are moving to a multidimensional perspective of awareness as a means of integrating these spiritual dimensions into the workings of the physical reality. We are moving toward spiritualizing the physical world… and we can invite Spirit into our lives as a way of consciously working with these spiritual energies.

Sensing higher realms of being is what we are made to do. As children we readily used our higher senses to connect with all kinds of energies. We cavorted with imaginary friends, climbed imaginary mountains, forged imaginary expeditions, and built imaginary castles. Our minds, full of the images of the imagination, were fully engulfed in this creative play. This is the world of the intuitive, the inner landscape, the playground of the mind where we meet the creative forces of the universe.

This is where our thoughts begin to sculpt the reality of our worlds. This is the right side of the brain where creative imagination melds our dreams with our intentions to create. This is where you meet your guides, angels, Higher Self, and Soul. This is where the rational mind lies quiet as the creative mind partakes of higher realms and dimensions of spiritual being.

The right side of the brain is the gateway to these higher dimensions. Oftentimes during meditation you might see a glowing indigo light pulsating in your mind’s eye. This is the gateway to the realm of spiritual dimensions which allows movement to alternative realms at the blink of an eye. This is the land of dreams and images where creation begins. This indigo spiraling vortex is where your mind’s eye begins to “see” into the higher realms and dimensions of light.

There is indeed another world of being which lives in the creative imagination. Alice Bailey, a notable psychic channel of higher spiritual energies, said that “the imagination is a creative activity, producing definite inner changes. Upon this you can depend, for it is one of the forces influencing substance itself.” Paramahansa Yogandanda, one of the preeminent spiritual figures of the twentieth century, mentions the force of this indigo light and suggests that we focus on the space between our eyes during meditation as a way of deepening our connection with the higher sensory realm of being.

This gateway to the realm of intuitive perceptions is often called the third eye as it is the way we “see” into the spiritual dimensions of being. The opening of this extra sensory optical vortex is among the first multidimensional senses to awaken. It is termed clairvoyance and can consist of seeing spiritual dimensions through this inner eye or sometimes through the physical eyes. In this way, healers see auras, psychics see spirits, and seekers see guides.

With increasing practice and persistence you, too, will come to “see” with your inner vision and trust that what you see is an inherently real realm of being which can offer valid and important information to your life. The process of meditation is the best way to connect with this information because you learn to quiet the left side of the brain where those analytical thoughts persists, and open up to the incoming creative and inspirational information of the right side of the brain. I suggest that you add the focus on the third eye as a part of your daily meditation, and see what spiritual awareness it brings to you!

Here is a guided meditation which you can use to help you find your way to this realm of sacred connection. Perhaps you may wish to record it for yourself so that you can gently quiet the left side of the brain and fully engage the intuitive senses. Lie or sit down in a comfortable position and prepare to meditate for 15 to 30 minutes.

Connecting with the Intuitive Realm

Allow yourself to fully relax by taking three deep cleansing breaths from the lower abdomen while using intention with the breath to let go of all tension, stress, anxiety, and pain. Allow all areas of the body to fully relax, breathing in the gentle healing energy of the Divine through the entire body. Allow each muscle group of the body to fully and completely release. First the right leg�release any discomfort. Now the left leg…letting go. Bring your attention to the hips, abdomen and lower back…relaxing each part of the body. Now, the upper chest, back and shoulders…letting go. Take your time and allow each part of the body to fully and completely relax. Allow the breath to carry away any discomfort by breathing through that part of the body. The arms, hands and fingers, now are letting go. The neck, jaw, face and head are fully and completely relaxed. All discomfort has left the body from every muscle fiber, cell, and dimension of being. You are one with the breath of pure and simple relaxation. Your breathing is relaxed and even, your body feels heavy and deeply relaxed.

Allow your attention to focus on the bridge of the nose, the spot between the eyes. Your breathing is consistent and even, your body relaxed, you mind is quiet and still. You allow the left side of your brain to quietly observe this process. You may choose to quiet the mind completely now or after this next exercise. You notice a small box with a lock. You open the box and place into it any concerns or thoughts of which you are still aware. Any concerns or problems go into the box to be looked at closely at a later, a more appropriate time of your choosing. Close and lock the box. For now, the left side of the brain is quiet and content to be silent and still while you invite the right brain into focus.

Still your attention is on the spot between your eyes, in a soft upward gaze in a clear, one-pointed focus. Your eyes are comfortable without strain connecting to the inner doorway of the third eye, the intuitive realm of being. Your intuitive mind is opening to the higher dimensions of being and you are gently guided to the whirling vortex of indigo energy. As the light comes into focus, step through the vortex with your intention and move into the fifth dimension of being.

You are now in the realm of spirit in the world of higher perceptions and higher awareness. Allow yourself to be guided by the energies of your Higher Self as you move through this realm. Whatever images or awarenesses that come into your mind, just notice them. Be open and receptive to the awarenesses that come into your attention. Just notice them. Stay with this process as long as you need. (Allow ample time for this process as your Higher Self guides and directs you.)

When you are ready, allow your attention to gently return through the doorway and connect with the physical brain and the physical body. Be fully present, alert and refreshed in the body with a renewed sense of understanding and healing within your awareness.

Post Meditation – Journaling

As you learn to traverse this level of being, you will naturally find a way of relating to the images and obtaining clear information about what you are encountering, where you are being guided, and what you are being shown. These may be archetypal or symbolic images or actual memories, but you can rest assured that the meaning of these images has pertinent and relevant messages to your present life.

Take time to journal about what you have seen, heard, smelled, felt, or sensed while on this healing journey. Invite your Higher Self to help you interpret the images, symbols, and memories that you engaged during this meditative process. Allow the healing energies and messages to guide and direct your Journey to Wholeness.

As you become very familiar with this doorway to the intuitive realm of being, you may begin your mediation with a certain intent or question. Your guides, angels, and Higher Self will support your inquiries and assist your healing whenever you ask. The doorway to the spiritual realm awaits your entry…so take the consciously creative path and express your True Self!