The Soul’s Karma

Spiritual awareness… intuitive insights… inner knowings… As I write this article, I am recalling that it is my Soul who offers these insights for me to share with each of you. As we journey to Selfhood, embodying the truly empowered state of being a Divine Human in the physical world, we come to experience an inner state of knowing, or gnosis. In this state of gnosis, the Soul provides profound guidance to balance the wheel of karma.

Where the little “self” finds knowledge only through books, teachings, media sources, and shared experiences, the True Self has access to higher realms of intuitive understanding without obtaining knowledge in a linear, logical and analytic way. As we embody more and more of the True Self, the process of acquiring knowledge from external means becomes less and less important; rather inner knowing becomes the desired source of awareness.

Whenever we encounter a true sense of “knowing,” we will find that our internal sensations ring with a sense of truth. We simply know within our hearts that this is so; we perceive an inner knowing with complete certainty and its truth resonates with our body and Soul. Seeking inward validation of such monumental awareness is what defines the path to spiritual wholeness. We must learn to trust these insights as a way of following our Soul’s directives. These are the Truths of our Soul which guide and direct us on the Journey to Wholeness.

The process of karma is often referred to as “like attracts like,” “what you sow, you reap,” and “what goes around comes around.” These colloquial phrases carry the true definition of the process of karma which acts in a way that makes us more responsible in the process of Divine co-creation.

The laws of karma bring to us that which we seek to learn, that which we seek to embody and that which we seek to know.

Karma is simply a process of defining who we are and how we choose to participate in the creation of the manifest universe. We, as spirit embodying material form, are becoming more conscious in the creation of life. We are learning through the process of karma how to manifest in alignment with the highest and best good for all concerned.

We are learning how to equate our desires to those of the Divine, and through this change of will, we bring into being a plan of destiny which is divinely empowered to create perfection for all concerned. Karma is the way we learn to do this, and our Soul carries with it all of our past creations and manifestations – this is our individual and collective karma. Sometimes we make good use of the plan and accommodate the highest intentions in our manifestations which create for us “treasures in heaven.” But other times we find ourselves moving toward personal gain and selfish desires, and the result is less than perfect. This is when we find ourselves in debt of service to amend our actions by learning from the opposite side of the duality.

Where we have dominated, now we learn as the victim; where we have angered, now we cower; where we have elicited, now we withhold; where we have persecuted, now we feel judged. The wheel of karma engulfs both sides of the dual expression of humanity, and it cares not which side you are on…

Any place that is not extended from a loving, forgiving, generous and compassionate nature will face the karmic wheel of balance.

The Soul carries with it all transgressions of karma, as well as the storehouse of heaven’s treasure from which grace is imparted. The Soul’s task is to bring about a sense of fulfillment and balance in the physical life…for what is done in the physical must be undone in the physical. When we actively follow our Soul’s Intentions, we are balancing our wheel of karma and allowing our Soul to operate from a place of balanced wholeness.

So once again, spiritual awareness…intuitive insights…inner knowings…these are the workings of the Soul moving us gently toward the fulfillment of our life’s purpose, towards balancing the past and impregnating the future with seeds of grace. Allow the instrument of karma to balance your journey to wholeness…take the consciously creative path and express your True Self!