Aligning with the Intentions of the Soul: Using Muscle Testing and Pendulums

The body is an alchemical vessel for the process of spiritual growth. Through personal choice we can deliberately bring the intentions of the Soul into being. This is an ongoing process through which we learn what it means to live our life through this connection with the Soul. When we make decisions consciously reflecting the highest good of all concerned and remove from ourselves the baggage of fear and worry, we can bring authenticity to our lives in way that is presently unimaginable!

The way that we begin to make choices which reflect the highest good is at first somewhat muddled and confusing, because we don’t have clear knowing of what the Soul’s Intentions are for us. We are still inundated with fear and worry, self-doubt and illusion. Muscle testing is one sure way that we can begin to connect with the Intentions of the Soul without using our rational mind to do so.

As we talked about today, the body is like the hard drive on the computer and we are the computer programmers. The body operates as a physical vessel through which consciousness is brought forth through the Soul. Gaining higher and higher levels of personal awareness (or Truth as opposed to illusion) is what our purpose is here on the physical plane. When we begin to understand that the body is a living organism with consciousness in every cell, we come to know the importance of living life in full conscious agreement with our Soul. For it is the body which facilitates bringing consciousness into form, and the more awakened our perception is of this connection with our Soul, then health, well-being and Soul purpose align!

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New theories about the interaction of the mind, body, and spirit have given us a very different way of looking at the mind/body/brain connection. In energy medicine, we don’t think of consciousness as arising as a function of the brain, but rather that consciousness is the matter of creation, a kind of Divine Intelligence at work in the universe and in our bodies. And with deliberate and intentional implementation of consciousness into form, we can change the very fabric of physicality.

The body contains inherent wisdom and the ability to determine for itself what is most appropriate for establishing harmonic growth and well-being. It would be like the body acts upon whatever data is implemented into it, like the hard drive on a computer, but also has a way of telling us before it crashes. Those little freezes and blinking with slower and slower connections reveal to us that the consciousness within the body is getting clogged and information (energy) is not passing through the connections fluently.

You as the computer operator have the ability to check in with the computer which can diagnose what it needs to restore itself to balanced functioning. You can delete programs, reinstall software or even change the software to help this system re-boot itself and restore harmony. When the software is in congruence with the Divine Intelligence of the Soul, then we can expect our lives to work in a magically smooth fashion…no glitches!

It would seem that we could think of Body Harmonization and other consciousness-based energy healing modalities as a way of bringing more consciousness into the body. By asking the body what it needs and following the protocols that it initiates, we find our connection to the Soul becoming more affluent and harmonious. We gain an increased ability to connect with the wisdom of the physical nature of being, as well as, with the intuitive mind. As Dr. Richard Gerber describes it,

” …from kinesiology (muscle testing) to pendulums, (these approaches) are basically intuitive methods that make use of unconscious muscle movements to amplify the higher psychic perceptions, taking our unconscious perceptions and making them conscious” (A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine, 2001, p. 197).

Accessing intuitive realms of information assists in the development of the mind/body connection through an increasing ability to “know” – through that innate inner wisdom, just what it is the body requires. This increased ability to connect with the higher realms of intuited knowing is referenced in ancient writings as gnosis, and is the higher method of accessing inner wisdom.

When discussing the major chakras and their physiological and psychospiritual associations, Dr. Gerber pronounces the higher functioning of the sixth chakra to include “our relationship to knowledge, wisdom and vision.” His interpretation includes the “ability to see one’s life clearly, intuition, inner vision, and use of the mind/ intellect” through the physiological functioning of the “autonomic nervous system and intellectual functioning” (p. 52-55). Dr. Gerber illustrates for us the profound association between the nervous system, muscular system and inner wisdom. He relates the significant ability of our bodies to speak to us through various mediums. When we access this level of knowing within the body, either through physical sensations, inner visions, or kinesiology, we are learning to communicate consciously with the higher mind.

There are various degrees of this knowing, and various degrees of ability; however, we do have an innate intelligence, a conscious interfacing mechanism which guides and directs the interplay of life. This inner guidance, deemed among the mystics as a divine connection to the Eternalness of All Being, presents innate intelligence to all parts of our being. It is this association with Divine Intelligence that promotes the healthy, wise, and most productive lifestyle. By accessing the inner wisdom of the body, we begin to relate to this Divine Intelligence in a profoundly productive manner. We are accessing this mind/body wisdom via this eternal connection to a Divine Source of All Being. The body houses this consciousness as it reflects upon itself though creation.

As an adjunct to this analogy, Dr. Gerber also refers to the body in a manner begetting an electronic control system. In this interpretation, the body acts as though it is a transducer of electrical impulses through which consciousness is acting in accordance with the Higher Wisdom. Through the unfolding of Higher Wisdom through the body, there is an increased system wide adjustment and revelation…the hard wiring of the body may actually change benefiting the individual and gaining access to higher perspectives. This association between the mind/body and Higher Wisdom evokes a conscious connection to higher levels of awareness where truer perspectives abound.

Dr. Gerber describes an emerging field of understanding which represents this concept of communication within and between the cells of our bodies as “bioelectonics” (p. 14). It is this concept of electronically transmitting information between the cells of the body and the brain which leads us to a promising conclusion of interrelatedness among all things. This field of information which is being accessed by the bioelectronic network of the mind/body contains all images and is the source of all potentialities. In this unfolding potentiality, we find the necessary cycles of growth and transformation which aid us in the overall development of body, mind, and spirit toward full integration.

As we begin to decipher those inner messages which propel us forward on the evolutionary path, newer concepts unfold into our being. We become aware of the inherent Oneness that is expressing Itself through us as we gain a deeper hold on this interaction. At no time are we left to muddle through this existence with only the rational mind; we are continually led to new heights of illumination as the mind/body wisdom unfolds into conscious awareness and creates for us a perfect patterning of Divine Intelligence.

How to Connect to the Soul’s Intention: Using Muscle Testing and Pendulums

There are several ways that you can learn to use muscle testing on yourself as a way of gaining information about what’s best for you. All involve the use of the hands and fingers to signal a yes or no response. For any of the suggestions below

Always first align your heart and mind with your Soul’s intentions for the highest good (see the article, “Beginning the Process of Spiritual Alchemy through Soul Connection“);

Always set your intention to receive the answer to what you are inquiring about. Don’t think about something else, keep your mind on the question, not the answer; and

Never ask something that you are afraid to know the answer to. You won’t believe the signal you receive anyway, and this creates a lot of self doubt in the process.

1. The O-Ring Using the thumb and third finger of each hand, make a circle with each thumb and finger. Connect the right and left hand by interlocking these two circles. Gently press with equal pressure on the thumb and third finger of each hand. Now ask to be shown a “yes” response and pull the two circles apart. The circles should stay strong, connected, and interlocked. Now ask to be shown a “no” response and pull with the same pressure. Gently press with equal pressure on the thumb and third finger of each hand and away form each other in the same manner as above. The “no” response should be indicated by a weak signal which breaks the connection of thumbs with fingers.

2. Radionics Rest your non-dominant hand on a flat surface like a table or desk. Rub your index finger left and right over the surface and ask to be shown a “no” response. Usually the feeling is that the finger begins to sticks or bump across the surface. A “yes” response continues to be smooth.

3. The Lever Use your non-dominant hand and rest it on a flat surface, a desk, table, your thigh. Raise your index finger. With gentle pressure, use the index finger of the dominant hand (the other hand) to press lightly down on the raised index finger…like a kind of lever action. Ask to be shown a “yes” response; usually the non-dominant finger will stay strong and not release. Using the same amount of pressure, a “no” response would be indicated by the non-dominant index finger releasing (weakening or collapsing) toward the surface of the table.

4. Pendulum Any nicely weighted object on a chain can be used as a pendulum, a necklace with a charm for instance. You just want it to hang freely on about 6 inches of chain. It should feel nicely balanced and not pulling to one side or the other. Sometimes a chord or string will do this and not flow freely enough to give a good indication of a response.

Allowing the weighted end of the pendulum to freely hang from your hand, ask to be shown a “yes” response. The pendulum will begin to move in some regular fashion, back and forth, up and down, or in a circle either clockwise or counter-clockwise. The style of this movement will indicate a “yes” response for you. My indication of “yes” is an up and down movement.

Now stop the pendulum and ask for a “no” response. Let it hang freely in the same manner. You should receive a clearly different response indicating your “no.” My “no” is a counter-clockwise circle. But everyone has their own signal, just allow yourself to be shown how it best responds for you.

Working with the pendulum requires a great deal of trust and detachment from the answer. As you will quickly see, you can make the pendulum swing in whatever way you ask it to once you establish enough trust. So you must in all cases stay focused on the question and not the answer. This takes a little time to get comfortable with the process; I suggest that you keep your pendulum in your pocket for several days and use it to ask really neutral questions at first. Like what should I eat for lunch, salad or chicken? If you truly don’t care which one, the answer will be easy to trust.

Remember, center, ground, detach and trust! It’s really quite fun once you get the hang of it.