Seven Steps to Counscious Living

1. INTENTIONS: Every morning set your intentions for the day in a way that reflects your desire to manifest in alignment with the Soul’s Intentions. Use this time for prayer, meditation, quiet contemplation, yoga postures, stretching, walking in your garden, chanting, singing, movement, or any creative expression that allows your full and loving heart to be in the moment. The important part is to be very present with heart focused awareness and loving intention in your desire to live through this Divine connection with your Soul.

2. GUIDANCE: In every moment of the day, seek guidance before acting. Turn your focus inward and intuitively listen and be receptive to the Intentions of your Soul. Although at first this will seem awkward and illogical, it will soon become a part of your regular thinking and feeling routine. You will come to recognize the Soul’s voice by a feeling or knowing sense of sureness and warmth. With careful attunement there will be a voice quietly suggesting and offering guidance, insights, or support. The inner voice will be different from your personal voice, never critical or destructive but always supportive. The Soul will be quietly referring you to a new acquaintance or in a different direction or asking you to read a certain book or encouraging you to ask for what you need. Always follow these clear knowings which register in your heart, even if you don’t yet seem to know why you might be asked to do this.

3. SYNCHRONICITIES: Look for the synchronicities of life – those seemingly related coincidental events that are not obviously connected. These are the work of the Soul moving life to meet and assist you in your path to wholeness. These are measures of grace outpouring to support you in your process of becoming more conscious. Accept them as the gifts they are! Turn inward and attune to the energies of the Soul to find further insights or directives about these events or occurrences.

4. CONSCIOUS CHOICE: Lead life in a conscious manner by taking time to know yourself and bring light to those places which continue to operate from the shadows. Halt the reactive responses by uncovering those hidden thoughts and repressed feelings which disrupt your ability to make responsive, conscious choices. It is the presence of these energies which negate your conscious desires to manifest a healthy, abundant and joy-filled life. It is the presence of these unconscious reactive patterns which drive you to high levels of stress. On every show we teach you ways to implement this healing process for yourself and offer you practical ways to do this. Take the time to listen to the archived programs of Creative Pathways: Balancing for Wholeness in order to find ways that resonate with you and your Soul. The process of releasing these past disruptive patterns is a natural and gentle process which only requires your willingness to let them go.

5. GRATITUDE: Fill your life with gratitude. Keeping your focus in a loving state of mind will best assist the Intentions of the Soul to be heard, felt or sensed. One sure way to do this is to count your blessings. Staying with the heart focused intention of being grateful moves your energy field to a state of harmony and balance where clarity prevails. Bless those around you with your good intentions, even when your first instinct is not this generous. Bless the goodness that is inherently within each situation and every person, as we recall – every part of the whole has value. As The Course in Miracles makes clear to us, allow yourself to see God within every being, even if they do not yet see it in themselves. Give them the grace of knowing that one day, they too will know themselves as Divine beings. As with the Hindu greeting, Namasté, we are saying with our blessings, “I salute the potential to become a God that lies within you,” or “The light within me sees and honors the light within you.”

6. POTENTIAL: Honor the unfoldment of your highest potential by visualizing yourself in that role. Allow yourself to see, sense, feel and know the best of what you can be. Dream, aspire, connect with your heart’s desires through journaling, visualization, mandala work, vision quests, or dream interpretations. Allow yourself to witness the highest potential of your own development and take steps to bring that into being. Allow your daily acts to move you in the direction of this fulfillment. Remember you have your Soul to guide you…you cannot fail!

7. REFLECT: At the end of your day quietly reflect on the day’s events and proceedings, taking time to let the past go allowing yourself a gentle release of day’s tensions or stresses. Give yourself a loving embrace making room in your heart for tomorrow’s ventures and acknowledging a job well done. Set your intentions to receive any guidance or healing as needed during the dream state, and to receive a restful and rejuvenating sleep knowing that the promise of tomorrow lies ahead!

Take a consciously creative life, and express your True Self!