Overview of Thetahealing


Overview of ThetaHealing®
ThetaHealing® classes … Learn to use your intuition to connect to the unconditional love of the Creator of All That Is and witness spontaneous physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Use this personal, spiritual process to help yourself, as well as your friends and family transform limiting beliefs and embody Truth-filled empowerment.  Learn to gently, easily and effectively release long held emotional trauma to restore health, healing and wholeness to all areas of your life!

What is the Theta state of mind?

The ThetaHealing® technique allows the Practitioner to enter the Theta state of mind through focused meditation and visualization.  By intentionally directing our consciousness through the crown chakra to connect with the Source of All That Is, the Theta state can be accessed easily and accurately.  The Theta state allows for enhanced intuitive abilities, vivid visualizations, great inspiration, profound creativity, exceptional insight and information, as well as the ability to access the mind’s most deep-seated programs.

The Theta state is a brainwave state of consciousness that has been found to include theta brainwaves.  Our brain has five major brainwave ranges, of which theta frequencies allow access to the realm of the subconscious mind.  Theta brainwaves stimulate retrieval of memories in the subconscious, facilitate learning, allow for deep meditative states or trances, and provide a sense of deep spiritual connection with the Creator and a sense of oneness with the Universe.

How was ThetaHealing® Technique developed?

ThetaHealing® was founded by Vianna Stibal who facilitated her own instantaneous healing of cancer.  In 1995, Vianna had been diagnosed with cancer and given no hope of recovery from the conventional medical field.  Diagnostic medical procedures had caused her femur bone to deteriorate.  Using the Theta state, she connected to the Creator of All That Is and commanded that her own leg and the cancer be instantaneously healed.  In that moment of witnessing the healing, her femur bone grew back to its original, healed condition! Further medical testing confirmed that there was no cancer in her body.

After being taught how to enter the Theta state and connect with the Creator to co-create and facilitate this unique process, Vianna’s purpose became to share this gift with as many people as she could.  Vianna continued to do intuitive readings and healings for over 10,000 people, witnessing amazing instantaneous healings.

How are thoughts and emotions contributing to disease?

Recent advances in the field of energies therapies have confirmed the correlation between toxic emotions and the occurrence of disease.  How we process our thoughts and emotions, whether we perceive them to be stressful or peaceful, highly impacts our physical body and its ability to heal itself.  The body has the innate, intelligent ability to bring itself back to a state of balanced homeostasis when given the opportunity to release long held patterns, traumas, and emotions stressors. (See also The Human Energy Field: How Thoughts Create Our Reality)

These energy patterns are stored deep within the cellular memories of the body and encompass not only the experiences, feelings, and beliefs of our own personal life, but also those of our ancestors, including cultural beliefs and mass consciousness.  Learning of the implicit connection between thoughts, emotions, and healing, Vianna was intuitively guided by the Creator to change limiting beliefs and instill positive feelings to support the body’s ability to restore itself to wholeness by intentionally witnessing healing on four levels: Core, Genetic, History, and Soul.  Developing skills to “command and witness” the changing of limiting beliefs and the instilling of positive feelings on all four levels became instrumental to her healing technique.

With growing scientific evidence that toxic emotion can contribute to disease and the awareness that emotions, feelings and the power of thought have a direct bearing upon our physical health, there is increasing interest in changing how the mind influences the body to create optimum health. Belief and Feeling Work empower people with the ability to remove and replace negative emotions, feelings and thoughts with positive, beneficial ones. (Vianna Stibal)

To spread the news of this amazing process, Vianna developed a series of classes to teach the ThetaHealing® process and to train certified teachers who could also share this technique.  Vianna describes ThetaHealing® technique as “an attainable miracle for your life.”  It is an amazing technique that provides the foundational instruction and experiential practice required to become a conscious co-creator of your life.