Pathways to Enlightened Living


PATHWAYS TO ENLIGHTENED LIVING: A Spiritually Integrated Approach to Wellness
Take an active role in creating a stress-free life by envision!

A series of workshops and meditative classes utilizing a holistic understanding of the
Mind-Body-Spirit connection to health, well-being, and stress reduction.

 Empowerment Consciousness Workshop I: Mind/Body Awareness
Applying a holistic approach to wellness through deep relaxation techniques and energy balancing. Practice powerful intentional healing techniques that can be used both for yourself and others to relieve pain, expedite wound healing, reduce tension, alleviate anxiety, transform emotional trauma, and balance the chakras.

Gain insight into the body/mind connection, learn about the subtle energy body, and access intuitive wisdom of the body through inner dialoguing. Learn the spiritual healing process of meditative journaling and creative visualization as tools for self-regulation, personal growth, empowerment, and spiritual direction.

  • Gain understanding of the power of the mind to create wellness
  • Learn deep relaxation techniques and stress reduction skills
  • Develop empowering insights and strategies for true health and healing
  • Learn how the dynamics of the chakra system apply to your holistic health
  • Learn to balance the body with energy healing, relieve pain, reduce anxiety & shift negative emotions in the moment
  • Create a meaningful, purpose-filled life through the art of Conscious Living,
  • And more!

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Empowerment Consciousness Workshop II: Emotional Awareness
In the holistic framework of health, Implementing healing into the body requires the integration of all levels of our being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  Healing is a returning to a whole state of being, an integrated state of wellness that is attainable through conscious intention to heal the past.  As we heal the wounds, traumas, anxieties, worries, fears, pain and loss of the past, we allow energy to move more freely throughout the body.  We embrace a state of Spiritual Integration that allows the Divine to operate fluently and interactively in our lives … guiding, planning, imbuing, and empowering us to reach the fullest extent of our potential.

This workshop is designed to heal and integrate the past allowing you to move freely and fully empowered into the present moment.  Energy healing exercises, guided visualizations, meditations, and numerous downloads of positive Feelings and Beliefs using the ThetaHealing® technique activate healing on the deepest of all levels of being allowing for the ability to accept and love oneself unconditionally. 

Developing self awareness is an empowering act, but first it requires us to understand how we protect and defend ourselves.  Reactionary patterns undermine our ability to live fully in the present moment by keeping us limited by fearful thoughts and memories of the past. Guided self exploration develops in-depth understanding of defensive personality patterns so that Spiritual Integration can be supported through conscious, responsive, and responsible choice. 

Taking personal and spiritual healing to the advanced level, Workshop II embraces in a spiritually integrated and unifying dynamic that creates health, healing, and wholeness. 

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A Soul Journeying Meditative Series
Monthly two hour classes offering different guided visualizations designed to deepen the connection to the Inner Wisdom Within and create the foundational strength, balance, and healing needed for optimum holistic well-being. 

Engage the active power of the mind to balance the body, mind, and emotions. Join us as we practice active meditation in order to deepen relaxation, gain intuitive wisdom of the body, and create the inner space for healing. In this Soul Journeying Series, classes are designed to support the natural unfolding of your Soul’s potential through the guided process of inner healing. 

Practice the skills of creative visualization and meditative journaling to support your journey of self-healing. Discover your highest potential and let go of the long held patterns that keep you from living life to its fullest capacity. Develop your ability to bring forth deep personal healing and embrace integrated, holistic wellness within all areas of your life.

Classes offer additional opportunities to expand upon the exercises and techniques developed in the Pathways Workshop Series, and continues to focus on practicing:

  • Deepening Relaxation and Releasing Stress
  • Gaining Intuitive Wisdom of the Body
  • Creating the Inner Space for Holistic Healing of Body, Mind, Emotions, & Spirit
  • Empowering yourself through Conscious Alignment with your Souls’ Potential!

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Lallier is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner,
Certified Hypnotherapist, Usui Reiki Master, Energy
Healing Practitioner, ThetaHealing Certified Instructor, and Intuitive Spiritual Director
who is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Theology
in Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine with an
emphasis in Spiritual Direction through Holos University
Graduate Seminary.

For more information call Deborah Lallier at 910-818-7733.