The Willingness to Change Creates Present Moment Opportunities

changeyourlifeThe new year presents energy for new beginnings with shifts of consciousness that transform the past offering opportunities to move forward into empowered, conscious living. It’s an appropriate time to select your goals and adjust your intentions to embrace change, for change is the catalyst of transformation. Without accepting change as the inevitable start of any goal, previous choices will simply be reaffirmed or re-a vowed. Change is a requirement for any new goal.

Aspiring to new ideas and ways of being in the world can be easy… hoping, daydreaming, envisioning, and praying that things will change and outcomes will be different. But oftentimes just wishful thinking isn’t enough to make change happen. Change requires a willingness of participation.

Are you willing to make the changes required to bring your goals into reality? Can you bring yourself to initiate a new beginning, one that no longer contains the limitations and fears of the past? Can you forge ahead without fear, without regrets, without resentments, without judgments that have previously restrained your ability to be a conscious creative collaborator with the Infinite Potentialities of the Universe?

All that is required is your willingness to change.

Awareness Exercise

Utilizing all of your senses, kindly and gently with detached compassion, allow yourself to simply notice/observe/recall/remember what you have chosen in the past:

  1. Notice your willingness to let go, to forgive, to change.
  2. Notice the old habits and ways of being that keep you stuck. For instance, patterns of over-indulgence, patterns of shutting down or pulling away, habits of anger, self-limiting thoughts, feelings or judgments about yourself, others or even the world.
  3. Notice if things must always be right, as expected, thought out, deciphered, negotiated, negated, rejected, judged, feared and/or controlled.
  4. Notice if it is uncomfortable for things to be different, messy, unstructured, disorganized, even chaotic as change unfurls its magic of rearranging and redistributing the energy of the Infinite Universe.

Consciousness Exercise

Declare to the universe your willingness for new and empowered beginnings by inviting change into your life.

  1. When you allow yourself to choose from the present moment, there will be exponentially more opportunities available to you.  Your awareness will be open and receptive and without the filter of the past, you will notice the additional opportunities.
  2. Your only expectancy is to receive the most integrated opportunities from the  Infinite Universe; avoid expecting any particular, specific or certain kind of outcome (especially expectations like “good or right,” as we are choosing to release the past, limited versions of these contrived notions and open ourselves to new, integrated opportunities).

 From Its self-organizing, evolving structure, the Infinite Universe will offer the most integrated solution sets for you when you allow yourself to see them from the present moment … without judgment, constraints or expectations!

Being in the present moment, conscious and aware is your chance to choose NEW, even unexpected, empowering possibilities without over constraining your choices to those of the past!

  1. Engage the following conscious choice formula to transform the limited past choices making a conscious choice to move forward into the expanded, empowered present moment awareness.
  2. Pose the following empowerment question daily to the universe to invite a different, more integrated and balanced possibly to any and all areas of your life.
  3. Follow the empowerment question with a belief and trauma clearing statement that presents your willingness to change it all now!
  4. Add the feelings of determination, excitement and expectancy of integrated, whole and empowered outcome:

“What empowered space of being could I be without the habitual restriction of never changing? Whatever stands in the way of that, I chose now to destroy and un-create it all! With gratitude, grace and ease…It is done! It is done! It is done!”  

Conscious Choice

Now watch for opportunities to make a different choice, one that releases you from your past, habitual reactions and gives you the opportunity for change!

Action Step

Every moment is a chance for change, a new beginning that brings new opportunities. Affirm your willingness to allow the universe to show you a different, more integrated way …  a new beginning, a fresh start with present moment choices.

  • Notice the possibilities that the present moment offers when you bring your willingness to change to the forefront of your creative imagination by posing the following empowerment question and clearing statement:

” What integrating opportunities can occur now?
Whatever stands in the way of that, I chose now to destroy and un-create it all! With gratitude, grace and ease…It is done! It is done! It is done!”  

Invite change into your life, let go of the past and welcome the opportunities for bountiful, balanced and integrated new beginnings of the present moment.

Share Your Experiences

You are invited to share with us your thoughts, questions and experiences so that we all may benefit from your choices and awareness!