Conscious Choice Creates Perfection

Are you choosing to live life with awareness only through basic cable?

Are you limiting your reception of infinite opportunities and unlimited choices?

Are you ready to upgrade your consciousness to higher, wider, finer, broader and more inclusive channels?

Life is a rich unfoldment of potentialities empowered through choice.   AimagesCAH1HG0Uwakening to be conscious creative collaborators in this journey is not only a responsible choice, but also facilitates increased states of homeostasis and integrated balance into the mind, emotions, body, relationships and even the world at large. In this balanced and integrated state, consciousness (spirit)  is brought forth into being in a way that fully supports optimal functioning.

The field of universal  consciousness offers infinite potentialities of creation. We are powerful, infinite beings of consciousness learning to master the art of collaborative creation.  Presently, learning is being chosen and experienced through states of fear, lack and limitation. When we co-create from limited, fear-based choices, we co-create from a place of darkness. Recent shifts in consciousness allow for us to change our affinity with the limitations of fear-based, unconscious reality and to affirm a collaboration with light filled, empowerment consciousness.

We can choose to become conscious creative collaborators and create through empowerment rather than fear!

Limiting beliefs, frozen emotions, and unconscious mass thought forms act like filters limiting the infinite, higher frequencies of potentialities and constraining possibilities to only those in agreement with limiting, presenting worldview(s). In effect, our beliefs are creating the reality we are experiencing!

We are in the process of becoming conscious, awaken and aware of what, why and how we choose to participate in this creative field of infinite possibilities.

When fear, lack and limitation command our worldview, then the potentialities within the frequencies of higher consciousness are constrained, out of view and seem impossible.  In essence, the possibility of higher consciousness and perfection of higher Divine Order is NOT selected to be experienced.  Liken that to an upgraded cable station that you don’t have access to; no Perfect programming for you or the world! Only chaos, confusion, lack, fear, and limitation prevail in the choices and experiences from a worldview of fear based consciousness.

When you choose being energetically present and aware ─ conscious,  then a higher, wider, finer,  expanded, spiritually integrated space of being is awakened within you.  This empowered choice is a conscious decision that creates health, healing, and wholeness in all aspects of life, actualizing perfection as a space of being.

Awareness Exercise

Activate your awareness skills by noticing where, when and how you limit perfection from being observed in your reality.

Notice where you may be expecting things to show up in a negative way or fail to recognize the positive incoming energy and opportunities.

Mindfully, with gentle and detached compassion, recognize when you are sabotaging opportunities to be fully present and aware by mentally checking out or emotionally shutting down, specifically times when you turn your awareness “off”  creating numbing feelings or over excitement:

  1. excessive activities, such as television, gaming, reading;
  2. constant stimulation, such as nonstop music, excessive talking, texting, social media, checking emails;
  3. indulging reactively to cravings, such as, smoking, snacking, stimulants, etc.
  4. recognize your particular stressors, those events and situations that create automatic reactive responses;
  5. be aware of how you judge yourself, that automated inner, critical dialogue that reinforces and re-chooses the old, undermining patterns.

Consciousness Exercise

The infinite field of universal consciousness is willing to offer the self-organizing, evolutionary potentialities of perfection!

  1. Make a conscious choose to awaken the inherent perfection within and be a conscious creative collaborator .
  2. Invite the unlimited potentialities of the universe by choosing to experience perfection as your reality. To awaken yourself to the possibility of perfection as a state of being, employ the conscious empowerment formula by asking of the Infinite Field of Universal Consciousness the following empowerment question:

“What space of being allows me to be a conscious creative collaborator who allows perfection to unfold in my reality?”

  • Select to transform, change, resolve and release any obstacle that prevents that from occurring by stating the belief and trauma clearing statement and follow with the feelings of determination, excitement and expectancy of integrated outcome:

“Anything that stands in the way of that, I choose now to completely destroy and uncreate it all. With gratitude, grace and ease…It is Done! It is Done! It is Done!”

Conscious Choice

Choose to allow the universe to show you a different way, a new beginning, a fresh start that will  uncreate and destroy everything that stands in the way of optimizing your ability to actualize your perfect place of being.

Action Step

Bring your willingness to change to the forefront of your creative imagination and invite additional miracles:

  • Pose to the Infinite Universe the following open-ended empowerment question throughout your day:

” What exceptional and integrating miracles can occur with my choice to awaken the perfection within?”

  1.  Feel the energy of the new possibilities! Observe the changes that you perceive in and around you by using your senses to see, hear, feel, taste, smell, and know that change is happening!
  2. Continue inviting new opportunities with the expectancy of experiencing the most integrated space of perfection!

Share Your Experiences

You are invited to share with us your thoughts, questions and experiences so that we all may benefit from your choices and awareness!