Workshop II



Understand the mind/body connection of holistic health in this 2 day Empowerment Consciousness workshop. Learn to use deep relaxation techniques and energy balancing with the 12 Empowerment Blueprints to reduce stress and restore health and vitality to your body and mind. Reconnect to your body and to your Spiritual Self to gain the intuitive wisdom. Learn the spiritual healing Empowerment Consciousness Processes of meditative journalism and creative visualization as tools for self-regulation, personal growth, empowerment, and spiritual direction.

  1. Gain understanding of the power of the mind to create wellness
  2. Learn deep relaxation techniques and stress reduction skills
  3. Develop empowering insights and strategies for true health and healing
  4. Learn how the dynamics of the chakra system apply to your holistic health
  5. Learn to balance the body with energy healing, relieve pain, reduce anxiety & shift negative emotions in the moment

Create a meaningful, purpose-filled life through the art of Conscious Living, Develop Empowerment Consciousness And more!