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Awaken your Inner Healing Power
Reiki is the creative, healing energy of the Universe. Reiki is taught as a holistic, hands-on healing technique through a master – student relationship in specific incremental stages presented as Attunements.  Using the principles of Reiki, the Reiki Practitioner is attuned to this energy and becomes a conscious and open channel bringing forth this energy to the recipient. Reiki fuels the body’s homeostatic mechanisms, thereby assisting in the restoration of balance on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of being.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki encourages the body’s healing systems to progress to a state of optimum integrated functioning through the relaxation response.  Studies show that a deep state of relaxation relieves tension and anxiety by acting through the autonomic nervous system to lower blood pressure and heart rate. This results in an enhanced capacity of the immune system to defend against bacteria and viruses and by stimulating the brain’s production of endorphins.  The prompting of this relaxation response through Reiki treatment, coupled with the increased and unimpeded flow of life-force energy through the body, encourages healing at all levels. (see also Universal Life Force Energy and the Human Energy System and Restoring Homeostasis to Body, Mind and Emotions with Energy Healing)

What are Reiki Attunements?

Attunements are the very core of the Usui Method of Natural Healing; they are what make the system unique.  Attunements are a series of initiations wherein a Reiki Master, using an ancient Tibetan meditative process, transmits spiritually guided energy in the forms of symbols into the student’s energy field.  The attunements open and balance the student’s energy centers, allowing Universal Life Force Energy to flow into the student’s crown chakra, through the heart, and out through the hands. 

Receiving an attunement is a powerful spiritual experience. The attunement acts as an open channel for Universal Energy to flow through the Practitioner for use in future treatments.  Reiki attunements also bring about personal and spiritual healing elevating the recipient’s vibratory rate to higher and finer degrees.  Attunements affect each person differently, adjusting your vibratory levels according to your individual “readiness.”  

Attunements help to establish deep personal readiness in the process of healing. There are different attunements that correspond to the three levels of Reiki. As the process of attuning continues, students can look forward to an amplification of conscious awareness, thereby reaching toward mastership of your own spiritual destiny.

Degrees of Reiki

Reiki I – First Degree Attunement

This initial attunement class teaches the student to channel the Universal Life Force energy for yourself or others, allowing the process of deep personal healing to begin.  The background of this hands-on healing art, an introduction to ki – thelife force energy. The Usui Reiki Principles, history, and basic hand techniques are taught and experienced.  Additional topics include:

  • A discussion of the energetic definition of dis-ease
  • The mental/emotional connection to well-being
  • An introduction to the chakra system and the dynamics of the energy field
  • Use of the pendulum to access the energy field
  • A guided visualization to meet your Reiki guide

Materials Provided: Class provides the first degree attunement of Reiki, a manual, and a certificate of completion.


Reiki II – Second Degree Attunements

Deepening your healing journey to profound levels of peace and well-being, the second degree Reiki Attunement brings a quantum leap in you vibratory level.  Students experience increased intuition and receptivity to the energy.  Classes include instruction on using the three sacred symbols to

  • Intensify the flow of energy
  • Transmit Reiki over a distance, and
  • Work with the subconscious and heal on deeper levels. 

This class experience includes:

  • Additional hand positions for balancing, centering, and clearing auras
  • Experiential practice working with the sacred symbols
  • Applications of other vibrational therapies with Reiki, such as flower essences, crystals, color therapy.
  • The chakra system is more elaborately discussed
  • Further depth of study into the spiritual growth aspect of Reiki energy
  • A guided meditation to connect with the Higher Self
  • Steps for Conscious Living are presented

Materials Provided: Class provides the second degree attunement of Reiki, a manual, and a certificate of completion.


Reiki III – Third Degree

A Reiki Master learns to help others empower themselves.  This apprenticeship includes the esoteric traditions and rituals that enable one to become a Reiki Master.  This level is usually a time life commitment to healing and spiritual awakening.  It is an individually designed mentorship requiring documented healing sessions, research into other Reiki media sources, preparation of class materials, and ongoing self healing through self treatment and other modality energy balances.

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emphasis in Spiritual Direction through Holos University
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