ThetaHealing SoulMates Class


ThetaHealing® SoulMates Class: 1 Day Introductory Class or 2 Day Intensive Practitioner Certification

Manifesting Your Divine Partnership

A SoulMate is someone that you have known before from another place or time that is here to fully love and support you, who knows you completely, and with which you have a strong physical attraction and connection … as well as, mental and spiritual magnetism. Through ThetaHealing® downloads, feeling work, bottom belief digging, and Unconditional Love, this class is designed to help you attract and manifest the most compatible of SoulMates to your life.

Allow the universe to serve you! Clear yourself to create the partner and relationship of your dreams! Make yourself ready to accept the Divine partnership and relationship the universe has created for you. Connect yourself to the vision, the love, the support of Divine Partnership and create the life together that you have imagined! Whether you are looking for a relationship or wish to empower your present relationship with the SoulMate passion, you can be a conscious part of the Creative Energies of All That Is, and manifest the Divine Partnership of your dreams.

This class is taught in two different formats:

Day One is an introductory one-day class that is open to everyone, NO priorThetaHealing experience is required.

Day Two Practitioners is open to only ThetaHealer® Basic Practitioners who have also attended the SoulMates One Day Theta training. Intense diggingUpon completion, a certificate of completion is awarded by the ThetaHealing® Institute for Knowledge (THInK).

Learn to:

  • Learn to love and know yourself to bring to you someone who can also bring that awareness to your relationship
  • Learn how to find and recognize your most compatible SoulMate
  • Learn the difference between SoulMates and your Spiritual Soul Family
  • Numerous Downloads of Positive Beliefs and Feelings to support inner healing and change for SoulMates
  • Interact with others in the class to release any belief that may be blocking you from finding that special person. using the Belief Work; Instill positive feelings using the Feeling Work; Theta Practitioners will assist when available.
  • Energetic Divorce from past relationship(s)
  • Insights into relationships between men and women — the do’s and don’ts
  • Learn about the influences taht may be blocking you from that special person
  • Connect to you Soul Family
  • Activate the Love Gene
  • Learn about the Monogamy Gene
  • Design a SoulMate Affirmation Prayer
  • Create the SoulMate of your dreams and Manifestation Exercise

Prerequisites: No prerequisites are required for the One Day Class. Attendance for the Two Day class requires completion of the Day One SoulMates Class as well as the Basic and Advanced DNA Class. Intense digging sessions supplement the SoulMate work for Day One.

Upon completion, a certificate of completion is awarded by the ThetaHealing® Institute for Knowledge (THInK).

Materials Provided: The ThetaHealing® Soul Mates manual, and a certificate of completion from the THInK Institute.

Class Criterion taught by the Certified ThetaHealing® Instructor:

  • The Formation of ThetaHealing®
  • The Power of Words and Thoughts
  • The Theta State
  • Five Brain Waves
  • Energy Break
  • Free Agency- Co Creation
  • Visualization- the Witness
  • The Command
  • Soul Families
  • Principles of SoulMates
  • The Road Map to the Seventh Plane
  • The Tragic Union of Souls
  • Energetic Divorce
  • Soul Fragments
  • Sending Love to Baby in the Womb Exercise
  • The Monogamy Gene
  • Relationships
  • The DNA and Sex
  • Activate the Love Gene
  • Belief Work
  • Emotions and Health
  • Feeling Work
  • Soul Mates and Qualities
  • Seventh Plane Manifesting
  • Affirmations
  • SoulMate Ten-fold Exercise
  • Pull People to You Exercise


Lallier is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner,
Certified Hypnotherapist, Usui Reiki Master, Energy
Healing Practitioner, ThetaHealing Certified Instructor, and Intuitive Spiritual Director
who is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Theology
in Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine with an
emphasis in Spiritual Direction through Holos University
Graduate Seminary.

For more information call Deborah Lallier at 910-818-7733.