Creating Perfection

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Living from a state of integrated balance can be described as aligning heart and mind with spirit. From this balanced and integrated space of being, we live from a space of consciously creative self expression. It’s where we make the moment by moment conscious choice to release the past and reclaim our ability to create a life filled with peace, harmony, joy and abundance. Creating perfection in our lives requires that we remember our spiritual heritage and make a conscious choice to live life in alignment with Spirit.

To be able to make the kinds of conscious choices that reflect an awakened relationship with Spirit, we need a way to reach a state of inner balance where we are not allowing limiting thoughts and reactive emotions to make our choices for us…like puppets on a string! When we strive to achieve this state of inner balance…when we make the conscious choice to release the old ways of thinking and reacting, we form a kind of union with Spirit from which lasting healing is imparted.

In this union we are connected to the higher vibrations of Unconditional Love. It is this enhanced state that allows for profound insights and deep healing, so that we begin to live in a conscious manner taking full responsibility for our thoughts and actions. This is how we learn to become conscious co-creators with Spirit – by setting your intention to affirm this connection in all aspects of life, you empower yourself to create in alignment with this higher spiritual force and express the fullest potential of your True Self.

But how do we let go of the old ways of thinking and reacting? How do we begin to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions? The first step in leading a conscious life is to make an intention, a conscious desicion, and committment to remember:

I AM committed to remembering to connect with the Healing Presence of Spirit.

So you’ll need to find a way to do this; I like the idea like tying a string around your wrist, wearing one of those colorful wristbands or a special ring on your finger, or even posting sticky notes all around to serve as mental reminders to stay fully present and connected with your personal connection to Spirit, the Soul.

Awareness Exercise

Learn how to detach from your stressors. Being in the present moment allows the option of no longer reacting in the same old way to your usual stressors … you know, the rush hour traffic, spilled milk, angry customers, unruly children, and project deadlines. You probably have a whole list of these kinds of personal life stressors that trigger you into an unconscious reactive space of being.

  1. So when you find yourself just starting to react to a stressful event and are being triggered into an unconscious, automated reaction…. (examples are having uncomfortable feelings of anxiety, fear, anger, impatience, etc; decreased attention, checking out, putting up walls, pushing people away, not listening, feeling victomized, feeling unheard, feeling criticized, etc.)
  2. Allow yourself to notice the ring, bracelet, string, or post-it note, and remember
  3. Make the choice to release the old, reactive, pattern and connect with Spirit.
  4. And Breathe….let the energy of the breath do the work for you of letting go, of detaching from the stressor and the feared outcome.
  5. Continue with the next Consciousness Exercise, which changes the energy of the reactive pattern.

Consciousness Exercise

Now using your breathe, align your intention with the perfection of Soul, where you no longer react to things outside of yourself; you are choosing a more empowered way of being in the world….peaceful, harmonious, resolved and joyful. You are making a conscious choice to invite the grace of Spirit and the perfection of your Soul’s Blueprint into your life:

  1. Now you would center your awareness in your heart…that means feel the energy of your heart…dropping into the subtle ebb and flow of the beating pulse.
  2. Be still in this place, fully connected with the healing Presence of the Soul, and breathe. Now your heart and mind are connected and the expansive field of your heart can do its magic of bringing you into a coherent state of grace.
  3. Envision and/or sense, know  or feel a vibrant blue pulsating grid of energy, and overlay this matrix, which is the Divine Blueprint of your Soul onto the entire situation, including yourself…like a soft blue energy blanket that comforts you and calms you.

    Overlay your Soul’s Divine Perfect Blueprint to invite grace and Higher Order
  4. In that very moment you will notice a shift in the way that you feel, as you have now begun the process of transforming the past by connecting with the Soul’s Perfect Divine Blueprint.

Conscious Choice

You have taken charge of your emotional reaction. This present moment awareness and conscious choice to align with the Soul’s Perfect Divine Blueprint invites the grace and power of Higher Order to transform your life and the past reactive patterns.

Action Step

Remember to connect with Spirit and overlay the Soul’s Perfect Divine Blueprint to engage the process of living a conscious life. Be one with Spirit and your Soul’s perfect evolutionary plan by taking the consciously creative path and expressing your True Self!

Share Your Experiences

You are invited to share with us your thoughts, questions and experiences so that we all may benefit from your choices and awareness!