Moving into Your Fullest Potential through the Evolution of Consciousness

Bringing more spirit, or consciousness, into the mind and body is foundational in the holistic approach to well-being. Holistic wellness embraces all levels of human health functioning: body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Increasing consciousness within the mind and body includes the ability to process our thoughts and emotions in an aware, awakened and conscious manner; it is the process of becoming consciously aware of our thoughts and emotions that gives us the power to choose how we create our reality.

The effects of increasing consciousness within the mind and body can be seen through increased physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. This evolutionary process of expanding consciousness melds the energies of the chakras (energy centers of the body) into a unified whole. integrating the energies of the chakras into the enriched potentials of spiritual development.

Supporting our personal evolution of consciousness, this unifying process within the chakra system empowers the fullness of who we are. Having integrated past limiting energetic patterns, the chakras are free to harmoniously and synergistically become a coherent flow of Infinite Universal Consciousness, and we actualize the True Self.

We have integrated the energy of the Infinite Universal Consciousness, and It is filling, imbuing, empowering and expanding within us in support of our personal, conscious evolution. 

Embracing the full potential of who we are, in this expanded state we are One with Infinite Universal Consciousness, the field of unlimited potentiality.

As we move into the fullness of who we are, the ability to embrace the co-creative reality of our being is greatly enhanced. It is through this process of Spiritual Integration, the unification and empowerment of the chakra system, that we connect to our inherent ability to consciously and creatively collaborate with the Infinite Universe.

Moving into a conscious, awakened, and present space of awareness is the goal of our personal evolution. It is the way that we become consciously involved in the co-creative acts of our minds and the Higher Mind of the Infinite Universe. Allowing ourselves to be aware brings with it an empowering sense of choice and gives us the opportunity to consciously decide how, when, where, and what we choose to make real in our lives, as well as the ability to change the motivation for “why” we choose what we do.

Making a choice with conscious awareness catapults us from the throws of victim-ology into the empowerment of conscious creative collaboration.

Awareness Exercise

Mindfully, with gentle and detached compassion, continue noticing what you are choosing to create in your life, your body, your relationships and experiences. Be patient as your consciousnesss is shifting to embrace new, higher functioning, unifying and integrating levels of being.

Consciousness Exercise

As you are given opportuntities to change your mind from victim thinking into empowerment thinking, the awareness of new possibilities can be limited by past experiences. Events in early life will shape our future expectations and experiences. Our past beliefs, feelings and traumas are filters (energy blocks) limiting our present moment awareness and the ability to perceive new possibilities. Within the first six years of life, our life experiences have essentially written what we expect our future will be like. … and what we expect is what we are creating!

Early in our lives, we adopted points of view that made sense of what was happening around and to us, which resulted in various coping strategies and mechanisms of protection and survival. Along with our inherited genetic tendencies, we have selected beliefs, retained judgments and embraced feelings/reactions/coping strategies that, without transformation, will guide, direct and even limit our future observations.

The Post-It Note Transformation

I refer to these limiting past constraints within the energy field as “post-it notes.” 

Limiting Beliefs and past trauma act like post-it notes blocking your energy field from full empowerment
Limiting beliefs, coping strategies and past traumas act like post-it notes blocking your energy field from full empowerment

They repreesent your past choices, your past decisions, your past justifications and now they block your ability to see all the possibilities that are truly present and available to you … they constrain your choices and draw to you what you expect and even what you fear.

  1. The simple act of observation with a non-judgmental attitude facilitates great change!
  2. Notice the old pattern, the past belief, the fear, the coping pattern, the memory or feeling of the trauma as a post-it note within your energy field or body.
  3. Non-judgementally, gently and with detached compassion, simply observe it. You can even ask how it has served and helped you in some way … made you feel safe, made you feel ok, kept you from being hurt, gave you a voice, kept you strong, taught you to stand up for yourself, etc.
  4. After gaining understanding about how this pattern, belief or trauma has helped you, allow for the shift in consciousness, the energy transformation of resolution.
  5. Like a task now perfectly, wholly and completely finished, destroy the post-it note ... wad it up and send it back to the void of creation, the vast recycling bin of universal energy.
  6. Engage your inner senses to see, hear, smell, feel, and know that this is completed! Be fully present and observe in your mind’s eye how the universe takes care of resolving/transforming this issue for you.

    Accept the energy of Unconditional Love
    Accept the energy of Unconditional Love
  7. You can now replace that limiting post-it note with an empowered thought, belief or feeling … Make a new, positive and supportive choice to accept Unconditional Love.

Conscious Choice

With consciousness, you have transformed that limited past viewpoint! Your conscious observation has allowed for a new, empowered choice to now be noticed and chosen.

Action Step

Follow by posing to the Infinite Universe the following conscious empowerment formula:

What empowered space of being could I be without this limitation of the past? Everything that stands in the way of creating that, I now destroy and un-create! With gratitude, grace, joy and ease … It is Done! It is Done! It is Done!”

No longer blocking the integrating energy of the Infinite Universe on this past issue, notice the new opportunities to create from an empowered space of being