Moving into Your Fullest Potential through the Evolution of Consciousness

Bringing more spirit, or consciousness, into the mind and body is foundational in the holistic approach to well-being. Holistic wellness embraces all levels of human health functioning. Increasing consciousness within the mind and body includes the ability to process our thoughts and emotions in an aware manner; it is the process of becoming consciously aware of our thoughts and emotions that gives us the power to choose how we create our reality. The effects of increasing consciousness within the mind and body can be seen through increased physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Consciousness is processed throughout the mind and body via the energy centers of the subtle energy field. These centers of consciousness, or chakras, relate to the emerging self identity unfolding within each individual. Housing the vibrational blueprint for the progressive development of the human being, each chakra contains behavioral characteristics, which are required to be integrated in order for full spiritual development to be attained. Through maturation of the developmental elements of the chakras, our sense of self expands in an integrated, holistic manner thus advancing the process of spiritual enlightenment. (see also Chakra Integration Chart and Chakras and Their Relationship with our Physical, Emotional, and Psychological Selves)

In this evolutionary process, the unaware ego consciousness submerges into the subconscious to gain greater self-awareness resulting in the integration of the energies of the chakras. Through the integration of these energies, the mind, emotions, body, and spirit become unified in a co-creative reality bringing about a profound state of holistic well-being.

Holistic well-being is a state of wellness embracing all aspects of our being. It is a process that melds the energies of the chakras into a unified whole. Through a process of integration, the chakras are enriched potentials of spiritual development supporting our personal evolution of consciousness. As we move into the fullness of who we are, the ability to embrace the co-creative reality of our being is greatly enhanced. It is through the process of Spiritual Integration that we connect to the co-creative reality of the universe.

Through this connection we become the fullness of who we are – We become the True Self. We have integrated the energy of the universe and It is filling, imbuing, healing, and centering within us in support of our conscious evolution embracing the full potential of who we are. In this expanded state, we are One with the co-creative reality of the universe.

Moving into a conscious state of awareness is the goal of our personal evolution. It is the way that we become actively involved in the creative acts of our minds. Making ourselves consciously aware brings with it an empowering sense of choice giving us the opportunity to decide how, when, where, and what we choose to make real in our lives.

Making a conscious choice catapults us from the throws of victimhood into the empowerment of conscious co-creation. Consciously creative acts are the result of a mind clear of the self-limitations stored in the depths of the subconscious mind.

Bringing our mind into a state of awareness requires resolution of the past. It demands that we release the fear, resentment, hatred, and anger that has kept us from flowing with the freedom of a consciously, co-creative reality. Through the transformative process of resolving the past, we embrace the full authority to manifest a life and a world that is heaven on earth.