Heart-Focused Intention and Healing Presence

Learning to enter a space of sacred intention within the mind/body takes dedication and practice. But let that not deter you! By aligning with the intention to do so, you have already set the wheels in motion. The process of connecting with the higher realms of Healing Presence is one which only requires that you desire to do so.

We begin to make this sacred connection when we connect with our Soul and center our awareness within our heart. This process is outlined in the INSPIRIT article Beginning the Process of Spiritual Alchemy Through Soul Connection and the Guided Meditation: The Golden Energy of the Soul. We have expounded on this alignment when we engage the Soul Bubble Exercise which helps us align our energy within our personal space creating empowering self awareness of the process of our personal energy.

We are learning to empower ourselves to be fully present and accountable for our thoughts and actions. For instance, as one feels overwhelmed by another, his or her energy bubble may become depleted leaving a feeling of empty, tired, beaten down, or disempowered. Engaging the Soul Bubble exercise fills up the personal energy space and allows for the person to take a firm stand and not be energetically pushed around.

On the other hand, this also helps the person who feels the need to be in charge or manipulate the situation with guile or aggression. There is not usually a conscious need to control the other person, but rather a desire to get things done a certain way or convince others of the need to change their mind. The energy exercise of the Soul Bubble will help that persona also to stand in his or her own personal power center and create more balance and tolerance for other ways of being in the world.

As you become adept at centering within your own energy and staying fully present to the power within, you will begin to feel a very loving focus or Presence within your being. You are operating from a perspective of higher awareness where healing energy is imparted from the Soul.

With this loving Presence now a full part of your being, you are empowered to offer this loving energy to others. No longer needing to control or manipulate, defend or retreat, you stand fully present in alignment with your Soul offering Unconditional Love to those around you. This is the process of being the Healing Presence through which Love and Light interpenetrate through you to the manifested world. This is You healing yourself, humanity and the planet. This is You in full conscious Presence through which lasting healing is imparted and fully realized.

There is simply another conscious and intentional step to add to the prior energy exercises.

Process of Being the Healing Presence

First, let’s review how to connect with the Soul’s Intentions:

1. Take several deep cleansing breathes and center your awareness in your heart…that means feel the energy of your heart…dropping into the subtle ebb and flow of the beating pulse bringing your awareness from your head into your heart. Be still in this place and with intention, fully connect with the healing Presence of the Soul, and breathe. Now your heart and mind are connected.

2. Take a moment and begin to feel this connection to your Soul. Take a deep cleansing breath while continuing to center your awareness within your heart. Let all tension, anxiety, fear and doubt leave the body with the out breath. Simply Let Go.

3. Using your creative imagination, become aware of a golden thread of light that extends from your heart through the top of your head. It extends to an infinite level of being connecting you with higher realms and dimensions…connecting you to the highest levels of being. Along this golden thread is a six pointed star…a golden star filled with radiant loving, healing Light. This Star is your Soul and it contains the perfect and Divine blueprint of your life. The golden Light is the radiant Oneness of life itself, filled with the golden essence of Divine Perfection.

4. This is the energy of your Soul. Bring this radiant, healing energy into your heart with another deep cleansing breath. Allow it to anchor within your heart, igniting a golden ember, a ray of healing love within your body.

This is the new part where we now become the Healing Presence and send the healing energy to others:

5. The golden ember ignites within you a ray of healing Love and Light. It is a soothing, warm and comforting shade of Pink with golden rays of healing. Allow the Pink and Golden Ray of Healing Love and Light to move out from your heart encompassing every fiber and cell of your body while extending through your heart to another person and to the planet and all sentient beings.

Hold in your mind the heart-focused intention of healing for the highest good of all concerned while embracing a loving, Soul focused awareness.

6. Offer your intentions to be an ongoing vessel for the Pink and Golden Ray of Healing Love and Light as you give thanks for your own health and well-being and the balanced wellness of all sentient beings. And so IT IS! AMEN and AMEN.

As we each learn to take responsibility for our energy, we heal our own lives. We soon are guided to fill the world with our connection to the Healing Presence of our Soul by offering ourselves in service as vessels or channels of this energy to others and to our world. As we gain a foothold in understanding how our own energies are contributing to the dis-ease within the world, we can better align through heart focused intention with the Healing Presence of the Soul… for we are now taking responsibility for our powerful ability to create in conscious alignment with the highest good of all concerned.

Whatever our duties encompass while holding this Healing Presence, we can be assured that we are bringing forth Love and Light unto ourselves and the world. As we seek to embody the Healing Presence of the Soul, we become the vibration of Unconditional Love. The Love, the Healing, the Light… you are now the change you wish to see in the world!

Take the consciously creative path and express your True Self!