Manifesting through Divine Values and Virtues

There is always a choice of whether we will consciously choose to override our stress, anger, hostility, worry, irritability, guilt or shame.  It is during these moments of remaining unconscious that we make the mistake of creating ill health, inviting disease, sabotaging our relationships, remaining in lack or staying willfully discordant. Finding harmony and prosperity …

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Vulnerability is an Asset Worth Cultivating

Vulnerability is an asset worth cultivating, which allows us to gain the benefits of self-acceptance, courage, honesty, non judgement and intimacy. As a way to connect and share, being open and honest about ourselves makes giant strides in our ability to self-regulate, adapt and choose to transform the aspects of ourselves that we wish to consciously evolve into our mature essence of Perfection – the Authentic True Self.

Becoming an Empowerment Manifestor (ep. 1)

To become an Empowerment Manifestor means that we take charge of our limiting, fragmented and emotionally wounded method of manifesting. We are creating our lives, bodies, relationship, careers, finances, societies and environment by the way we think and feel. With every thought and feeling that we impart, we are informing the Infinite Universe of the reality that we intend to experience.