Vulnerability is an Asset Worth Cultivating

Vulnerability is an asset worth cultivating that allows us to gain the benefits of self-acceptance, courage, honesty, non judgement and intimacy. As a way to connect and share, being open and honest about ourselves makes giant strides in our ability to self-regulate, adapt and choose to transform the aspects of ourselves that we wish to consciously evolve into our mature essence of Perfection – the Authentic True Self. Take a moment to read the statements below and then allow yourself to open the Integrative Possibilities of evolving to your Greater Spiritual Potential by engaging the following Empowerment Blueprints:

“I AM the essence of Perfection. I acknowledge my innate Perfection and attest to my ability to consciously and co-creatively evolve into my Greater Spiritual Potential. I accept the divine guidance of my Higher Self as I receive the Empowerment Blueprints of Integrative Change, Co-creative Authority and Divine Relationship Dynamic. All obstacles, resistances, illusions, repressions and self-defeating patterns that limit the expression of my innate Perfection, I now choose to destroy and un-create it all! With gratitude, grace, joy and ease, It is done! It is done! It is done!”

Declare the above with positive expectancy of absolute completion! Breathe and notice a shift within as you release limitation, expand your Potential and embrace the Possibilities of Perfection.