ThetaHealing® Family Ties


This two day seminar explores deep inner beliefs, feelings and programs about families and family relationships, specifically addressing the dynamics of our personal families to resolve any limiting beliefs and programs that resulted simply because we were born into and experienced those dynamics. We resolve limiting beliefs, feelings and programs that no longer serve us and we come to better know, recognize and accept ourselves embracing the ability to lead a freer existence.

In short, we become able to more completely love and accept ourselves, and in this way we come to know ourselves as beings of light. This seminar explores how—through better understanding the beliefs and programs of family and ancestors—we can free ourselves from various obligations and duties that were never ours to begin with, and formulate a new sense of identity and direction in life based on our own true goals and aspirations.

This seminar applies the basic tools of ThetaHealing to address a host of issues related to family. In the process a number of innovative exercises are introduced. Areas of focus include:

  • Clearing resentments toward one’s parents
  • Identifying energetic patterns in one’s family and clearing family issues
  • Recollecting one’s intention in having been born into this world, and in choosing one’s particular family
  • Connection and/or Integration with the Higher Self

Includes: ThetaHealing© Family Ties Practitioner Manual and a Certificate of Completion

Prerequisites: Basic ThetaHealing© DNA Class and Advanced ThetaHealing© DNA Class