ThetaHealing® Game of Life


Duration: 3 Days

This seminar is designed to help you live your dreams and fulfill your life’s purpose with success and abundance. Using deep digging and belief work, you will identify and transform the internal blocks, habituated patterns and limiting subconscious beliefs that are holding you back from success.

This class helps the student identify the areas of their life – family, peers, job/employment, career/profession, community, and society that you may perceive as blocking you from going forward and achieving your dreams. Changing these limiting beliefs, which are sabotaging your success, helps you break through the perceived glass ceiling that blocks the achievement of your goals. These unhelpful beliefs and feelings are slowing you down or stopping you from increased abundance, prosperity, joy, fulfilling relationships, love, happiness, respect and fulfillment in your chosen career and life.

You will participate in exercises to release your fears of going beyond your comfort zone. Thus, you may feel freer to pursue your dreams with a sense of joy and acceptance.

Consequently, you will be able to more easily attract your heart’s desires. In addition, this class will help you:

  • Discover your subconscious beliefs concerning family, love and acceptance and pursuing your dreams.
  • Develop the goals that you would like to pursue that would make you truly happy in life.
  • Explore your beliefs about success.
  • Uncover any negative programs related to attracting increased income, prosperity and abundance.
  • Release fears of moving up to a higher level and status in life.
  • Free yourself to choose your direction to live without the duties, roles, obligations and expectations of others, including those found in society, the workplace and family,
  • ThetaHealing® Divine Timing Exercise – discover your purpose and mission in life.
  • Visualize your Future Exercise.
  • Increase your cooperation and collaboration skills.
  • Release your regrets, resentments, rejections of past failures, as well as the and expectation of future failures.
  • Allow yourself to live in the Now, while focusing on what you would like to accomplish in the near future, as well as long-term goals.
  • Instill positive and supportive feeling including self-respect, self-acceptance, peace with yourself that empower you to be ready for success and to receive infinite abundance.
  • Release negative feelings including self-doubt, and learn what it feels like to live without peer pressure and competition.
  • ThetaHealing® Manifestation Exercise.
  • And more.

Includes: Family Ties Practitioner Manual and a certificate of completion

Prerequisites: Basic ThetaHealing© DNA Class and Advanced ThetaHealing© DNA Class and the ThetaHealing© Manifesting and Abundance Class is highly recommended also.