ThetaHealing® World Relations


Duration: 5 Consecutive Days

The ThetaHealing© World Relations Class is a powerful tool for removing inner and outer conflict in yourself towards others. You will develop your potential to communicate, interact and work with people of all cultures, races and religions, and improve your ThetaHealing® skills in an effort towards World Peace.

This class focuses on specific cultures and beliefs that trigger present and past issues with varying races, religions and people. These dynamics create hatred, resentment, rejection, fear, grudges and prejudices that can be released and transformed.

You will discover what you, your ancestors or your past times/past lives felt or experienced about other cultures, races and religions. You may still even carry hatred or resentment about your own culture, race, religion or profession. In many instances, these were genetic (ancestor) beliefs attached to fear, hatred and anger towards other countries, lands and their people that they never knew they had.

Once these belief issues come to light, the hidden hatreds and resentment that goes back centuries will be released. You will be introduced to positive downloads and feelings programs. Through the release of internal prejudices, hatred and resentment, and with the replacement of positive beliefs, individuals may then more easily strive toward, understanding of, and positive interactions with, other cultures, races and religions; and ultimately World Peace.This will allow the participants to embrace and accept the people and cultures of the world with true unconditional love.

Day One and Two are focused on the countries of the world with an overview of their beliefs and customs. The students will participate in hands-on Belief Work to find and release negative feelings and programs of other cultures and people around the world.

Day Three is focused on belief structures and functionality of the Alternative Healing business world.

Day Four and Five focus on the religions of the world, their beliefs and the acceptance of them with true unconditional love.

ThetaHealing® principles teach us that the negative beliefs associated with resentment, rejection, regret and hatred may have an effect on an individual’s ability to heal. These beliefs take up energy and space in the body. These negative thought forms may also influence the progression of intuitive abilities. You will learn what role genetics and collective consciousness issues may play in the development of your full potential to co-create your life for the better through manifesting improved health and positive beliefs.

With this class you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the interaction between your beliefs and programs and the interplay in your daily life as you interact with people of various cultures and religions.
  • Explore your beliefs about other cultures, races and religions.
  • Uncover your beliefs concerning your own religion, race, and culture.
  • Release internal prejudices, hatred and resentments.
  • Replace with positive beliefs and programs.
  • Deep Digging Belief Work and Positive Feeling Downloads.
  • Forgiveness Exercises.
  • Increase your communication skills and positive interactions with other individuals.
  • Change your beliefs that aid the manifestation of World Peace.
  • And more.

Seminar Includes: ThetaHealing© World Relationship Manual and Certificate of Completion

Prerequisites: Basic ThetaHealing© DNA, Advanced ThetaHealing© DNA, ThetaHealing© Intuitive Anatomy OR Basic ThetaHealing© DNA, Advanced ThetaHealing© DNA ThetaHealing© Dig Deeper Class