Becoming an Empowerment Manifestor (ep. 1)

Hi, my name is Dr. Reverend Deborah Lallier. I help people transform their lives to become the Empowerment Manifestor they were meant to be. I intuitively guide people to let go of what no longer serves the fulfillment of their higher potential using the Evolutionary Transformational Processes of Empowerment Consciousness

I am going to talk with you about how you can choose to become an Empowerment Manifestor.  And the real noteworthy point here is that you can consciously CHOOSE to do this! We are each destined to become spiritually empowered and enlightened in the way we interact with our reality. 

To become an Empowerment Manifestor means that we take charge of our limiting, fragmented and emotionally wounded method of manifesting. We are creating our lives, bodies, relationship, careers, finances, societies and environment by the way we think and feel. With every thought and feeling that we impart, we are informing the Infinite Universe of the reality that we intend to experience.

I say “intend” because if I were to ask you now, you would probably tell me that you don’t want to experience lack, pain, suffering, limitation, judgment or pain; yet that is exactly what we are continuing to manifest! With our previous misconceptions and fear-based “survival antics,” we are continually choosing to create a reality depicting limitation, fear, judgment and scarcity.

As we learn to take control of our no longer useful thoughts and emotions, and truly live in the Present Moment Awareness where the expansive flow of NEW Integrative Possibilities arise, we can transform these limiting beliefs and emotional blocks; we can release the stored up cellular shock and trauma, the survival cued epigenetic overlays that have us repetitively creating through self-sabotaging survival concepts.

These survival concepts have kept us from consciously evolving to embody and become our best Selves ….  Transforming these limiting belief constructs is called the Process of Spiritual Evolution.  This is an evolutionary expansion of your Spiritual Core Consciousness. Raising your awareness to higher and higher levels, you begin to embody that expansive consciousness throughout all levels of your Being.

This is a personal evolutionary journey of increasing consciousness, which allows you to embrace your Greater Spiritual Potential. With this higher level of spiritual consciousness, you are empowered to become more aware of your thinking and feeling states, so that you can consciously co-create by attuning to and choosing to create from the best of all possibilities, or the NEW Integrative Possibilities of Empowerment.

Out of all of the Infinite Possibilities, the NEW Integrative Possibilities allow you to create the wellness, abundance, health and joy-filled opportunities that fulfill your life, evolve your body and mind, harmonize your relationships, expand your career and reward your finances … giving you the Divine support to spread your message and mission throughout the world. Gaining in consciousness allows us to create a utopia of health, wellness and prosperity for all.

In the next episode, I’m going to describe What is Means to Become an Empowerment Manifestor. Just like my guidance has imparted this creative and inspiring wisdom to me,  I will outline the foundational guidelines that we must consciously develop if we are to evolve to a higher level of spiritual development, which I call Empowerment Consciousness™.

To begin your personal spiritual evolution right now, you can download the free e-book “6 Powerful Steps to Invite Empowerment,” which is the divine download for the Conscious Choice Formula that I received to transform these limitations and move into Empowerment.

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