Present Moment

Co-Creating in Alignment with Divine Will

As a linear thinking equation implying when X is done, then Y will occur, the “if this, then that thought process” does not allow for the miracles of unlimited potentialities. Personal will creates through isolated, left brain, linear thinking, whereas personal will merged with Divine Will creates through whole brain, integrated brain processing.

Conscious Choice Creates Perfection

Life is a rich unfoldment of potentialities empowered through choice. Release your attachment to fear-based consciousenss and move into empowerment consciousness. Use the conscious empowerment formula to invite the unlimited potentialities of the universe and choose to experience perfection as your reality.

The Willingness to Change Creates Present Moment Opportunities

The new year presents energy for new beginnings with shifts of consciousness that transform the past offering opportunities to move forward into empowered, conscious living. It’s an appropriate time to select your goals and adjust your intentions to embrace change, for change is the catalyst of transformation. Without accepting change as the inevitable start of …

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